How to structure sale page for SEO?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Mr.BL, Jun 18, 2012.

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    I have created my first product and am learning SEO now to get traffic.
    My plain so far is to post my sales letter in Home Page and make articles for each keyword that I want to target, put those articles in footer. At the end of article put an ad that links to home page. Then get some backlinks for each of those articles.
    I have few questions about this plain
    1. If google ranks me for keyword will it bring traffic to the page of article or home page?
    2. is there anyway I can get google to bring traffic to home page?
    3. Will this strategy work in general?
    4. How many backlinks I would need for each article?

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    1 - Depends which page you build links to.
    2 - Absolutely. You need to build links to the homepage.
    3 - SEO can be difficult. Im a bit confused about your strategy. Is your plain to have a static homepage and other articles on separate pages. If so link those articles to the homepage. And build most of your links to the homepage.
    4 - There is no definite number. It totally depends on the quality of the links, the competition in the niche, the way you go about link building ect... There are thousands of factors involved.