How to stop your e-products getting ripped by pesky Blackhat forums

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    I know some people have made use of the free downloads section, but for those of us who want to keep out products away from that sort of thing, I have a few ideas...

    I'm also looking for a brainstorm of ideas from everyone to pool together as well. Here are mine:

    1) On your download page, make the link to download a RAR file and name it 7834tbqc4b. Inside the RAR file you can name your e-product properly

    2) Don't call the download page or URL
    a) your products name
    b) thank you
    c) download
    d) ....anything else like that

    3) Try not to say "Thank you for your order" or similar anywhere on the download page, otherwise someone can go site: "thank you for your order".....etc

    4) Don't have the product on your website files, but take them to a Thank You page and ask them where they would like the product delivered to. Some autoresponders like MailChimp hold files themselves, and you can have the autoresponders email them the product separately. Still make sure you don't say "Thank you for your order" on the thank you page though.

    5) Long winded but you could take the PayPal email address they purchased with and email the product to them directly.

    Well I hope that helps, I'm sure there are others. What are your ideas? Throw them all here. Go....!
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    Use the robots.txt file to make sure Google doesn't index your download page in the first place. Make sure to disallow a whole folder (and use a cryptic filename as recommended in OP), as you would otherwise be handing it to people on a silver platter:

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    thats fine thx sir