How to stop deadbeat buyers in their tracks, and maintain your feedback.

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    Recently I had some trouble with a couple of buyers on eBay (, one wanted their money back (hah! not likely) and the other just refused to pay. In this thread, I'm going to focus on how I handled the buyer who refused to pay.

    The issue I faced, was that in the span of 1 week I had 2 people bid on my item (an info product) without reading the listing. The listing was very descriptive, and even had pictures of the CDs, but they still claimed to not know what they were bidding on. My concern wasn't about the money, it was about my feedback. I've got 3 accounts that are several years old, all of them with 100% positive feedback, and I didn't want to risk that. I contacted eBay customer service, and had one of their reps look at the listing, and he said it was very clear what the auction was for, and that they "had my back" on this issue. The important thing he told me however, was how to deal with this in the future.

    The solution is a nifty tool called Unpaid Item Assistant.

    This is an automation tool built right into eBay that handles your non-paying bidder claims for you. It's easy to enable and configure, the whole process takes about 30 seconds. After an auction ends this is what happens:

    1. If the buyer hasn't paid within 4 days of the end of the auction, Unpaid Item Assistant opens a non-paying bidder case
    2. eBay emails the buyer reminding them to pay
    3. If after 4 days they still haven't paid, eBay closes the case and your fees are refunded
    4. and.. they get a non-paying bidder strike on their account
    5. and.. they're blocked from leaving you feedback about the item
    6. and.. any feedback they've already left you is removed

    It's the perfect solution to deadbeat bidders.. well, as close to perfect as you can get on eBay anyways.

    Here's how to set it up to protect your auctions:

    1. Sign in to My eBay and select the Account tab.
    2. Click the Site Preferences link on the left side of the page.
    3. Click the Show link to the right of the Unpaid Item Assistant option.
    4. Select Yes ? I want Unpaid Item Assistant to open and close cases on my behalf, and then in the drop-down menu, select the number of days you want Unpaid Item Assistant to wait before opening a case. If you don't see the lower settings (for example, 4 days), you need to update your combined payments preference.
    5. Select the Real-time option in the drop-down menus if you want to automatically send an email to the buyer:
    * When Unpaid Item Assistant opens a case
    * When Unpaid Item Assistant closes a case or a case expires
    6. Click the Save button.

    More details:
    A video about how to use it:
    I'm still going to be changing my listings to be even more obvious about what it is that I'm selling, but this is an excellent line of defense to have in place.

    I hope this helps out some people. :cool:
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