How to STILL rank a video on YouTube and Free FaceBook Advertising Trick

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    Since now to rank a video you need to have the highest Audience Retention, free services are pretty much useless.
    [At point 3. is the FREE ADVERTISING]

    Now I don`t know what kind of videos you my reader are doing. But I know for sure that this works with music covers, vlogs, shows and educational.

    As free services are useless now not all of us can afford buying high audience retention views, that`s why I`m going
    to give you some advices on what to do and NOT to do.

    1.First, good content=more views. Try to make something that the viewer will enjoy
    watch the sound if you`re doing a music cover cuz obviously the sound is the most important thing
    do something special something that no one has ever done before. Try to be as original as possible.

    Think about it you as a viewer, would you share your content? would you like it? would you even watch it til the end?

    2.Now as Audience Retention is so important in ranking a video my advice is to make as short as possible,
    again if you`re for example doing a cover of a song do it like a preview before doing the full one see if the viewers
    enjoy it. The same principle with the vlogs and educational videos.

    My viewers for example leave my video at around 1 min and a half from a 4 minute video. So why not do that video
    only 1 min and a half short?

    3.FREE FACEBOOK ADVERTISING , I`ll give you here another trick, as you don`t have money for a paid service to bring in
    the views obviously you don`t have the money to buy advertising so, if you own a credit card or a PayPal wich
    is verified [be creative get your parents credit cards but MAKE SURE that they don`t have more than 3 to 5 dollars]

    Okay now the thing is that you`ll also need like 3 different phone numbers and 3 email accounts or more I`ll tell you why in a minute.
    Now what you gotta do is make a page [obviously] then you gotta create 3 different FaceBook accounts make sure
    they have different adresses, different towns, different country you get the point.

    Now here comes the phone number, if you didn`t already know FaceBook requires a phone number in order to start
    advertising, here you`ll enter those 3 numbers for each account. so you get verified. Now put a nice picture something
    that looks idk.. real then you should really add some friends like 30, so FaceBook knows you`re not just a bot.

    Make everything look as real as possible now create an advertise plan. Put something around 200-350 dollars wich will
    be all your budget that you`re willing to spend. Now pay at least 2.5-3.5 dollars for every like you get by doing this you get
    only quality likes.

    You`re wondering "Hey but from where am I going to get 300 dollars I only have 2 dollars on my credit card ! " Here is the trick you see, they only take your money only after the campaing ends or only after they realise you don`t have money on your credit card wich
    then they will stop your advertising. And no you`re not going to get banned or anything they`ll just block you`re advertising until you have the money to pay for it.

    And after they block you on your first facebook account just start on the other account and so on. Until you reach the amount of fans you want.

    TAKE NOTE : FaceBook is NOT that stupid and at some point they will block your credit card or you`re paypal. But I did not get my FaceBook page banned or anything and even if they do ban your page just message them telling it was the competition that advertised your account so they could take you down. They`ll believe you as you never advertised on your main account.
    But THEY WILL not ban your FaceBook page. trust me.

    4.Use your fans from FaceBook to deliver some traffic to your video on YouTube if you targeted your fans right on FaceBook
    they should be interested in your video. You could ask them to share to like I don`t know be creative.

    5.Videos with cute cats,dogs,ducks,birds etc always work and 85% of them get viral so next time you`re doing a video
    make sure to include a cute "something" there.

    6.Quality it`s also important do something wich is at least 720p. Trust me it`ll give you some extra views if the Viewers
    see that you`re video is HD they`ll want to watch it. Make sure the sound it`s not to loud make it perfect, make it listenable.

    7.Also as an end to this make sure you reach at least 10k fans on FaceBook it will be pretty hard with that trick as you can only get a maximum of 200+ fans per fake account but it`s still possible cuz once you reach 10k fans on FaceBook and you also get at least half of them active guess what? Your page goes viral and you`ll bring anywhere from 20 to 1000 fans per day.

    It only depends on what you`re doing and if you`re doing it righ

    This took a lot for me to write, I know experienced people might find this useless but for the newbies it`s good !
    Also this is my first tutorial ever on this forum so please don`t be to rough with me. lol
    I know it`s a lot to read but I wanted to make this good so... it turned out to be that big, sorry !
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    Man, I don't want to sound harsh, but to me it seems a really incoherent technique with an abysmal chance to work, not to mention that suggesting to take your parents credit cards and make expenses well over their balances it's outrageously stupid...ever heard of debt collecting agencies?

    I understand you are trying to help, but following your method is a sure receipt to get into trouble.
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    Stupidity Makes Me Puke!
    Besides the facts that were put up here, I will add one more. Ranking a video on YouTube is not about view counts but quality. The amount of quality you can get for $300 depends on how smart you want to get at finding awesome view lengths for views.
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    DO NOT FOLLOW HIS ADVICE! ravaell is just some clueless kid whose techniques will just end up hurting you.
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    Exactly. View length is very important. Another factor is mobile view. That's why I post my free offer for beta testers now.

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    Here's a better formula:

    1. Use keyword in title TWICE
    2. Use keyword in description at 2% density along with LSI keywords
    3. Use keyword in tags along with the LSI keywords you found for the description
    4. Use high PR blog comments, social bookmarks and web 2.0 links
    5. Rinse and repeat
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    Just do proper keyword research, Get some social signals from facebook, Make your youtube channel attractive for subscribers.

    Never try to get fake views otherwise your account will be on risk.