How to Steal $45 Million Using the Internet...

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    ...and not get away with it.

    "The ring used prepaid MasterCard debit cards that were issued by the National Bank of Ras Al-Khaimah PSC, located in the United Arab Emirates, and the Bank of Muscat, located in Oman.
    The thieves hacked into the banks' systems to drastically increase the amount available on the cards, and then used the information about the cards to withdraw money at banks around the world.
    Bill Stewart, a senior vice president at Booz Allen, said that while these hackers might have been sophisticated, using common criminals to withdraw cash from ATM machines shows that some cybercrime is still surprisingly low tech.
    "The run of the mill criminals are more common [in cybercrime] than you think," said Stewart, an expert on cybercrime who works with financial firms.
    He said the fact that the hacked banks were in the Middle East shows that cybersecurity in the global financial system is only as strong as the weakest link.
    "There are still many institutions these days are not practicing good security hygiene," he said. "So these kinds of attacks work

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