how to stay under the traffic radar.


Jul 18, 2010
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hi , i am doing a cpa offer via a mini site of one page site with 4-5 links to landing page offers, so basically i direct traffic to my page of offers then the traffic chooces which offer it wants...

ontop of normal u tube traffic , fb etc i will add 1000 a day junk traffic, and log the amount of totall traffic and then convert my self by outsourcing 100 a day hits on the cpa offers, 20 per offer.

i have been talking to people about this and one mentioned a problem , so i created this thread to ask BHW for there help, thank you.

Question, which is my best route, these are mentioned by a friend...

1. BANNERS on my page.. he said not good cos not all junk trafic will go through them, so creating a low hit on the landing page.

2. USEa 301 redirect , meaning no web page just a simple direct hit, so causing 100% junk traffic hit. ( this one i like the idea of but i know less about it )

3. simple html redirect (the skip job, maybe the junk traffic will go true this... ( this again not a clue what he means)

so basically i want to maximise the traffic, then get an average on the total traffic over 2-3 days then do my own cpas , and my own conversion rate, to stay under there radars.

can anyone help me pls. i am uncertain which is the best way to go on this...

thx guys and gals. the offers are only email / zip submits on low $1.40 but worth $100 a day min .
ooops , also wanted to ask,, NO im not connected in any way or advertising there service, im simply asking for info.

iprental a new service, but are they trsut worthy, and has anyone used them, im thinking about using them but i dont know anyone whom has done yet , if u have pls. a quick review for me , thx... :)
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