How to start the Affiliate Marketing with Click bank?

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    Now days I wanna start affiliate marketing with click bank, but didn't understand that how to start or how to take a first step?

    Also guys let me know that can we start affiliate marketing with blogger or wordpress free blogs?

    How to setup the account on Click bank?

    How to pick the product which have more commission as well as product must be rare?

    Please reply here or refer me some free guide.

    Thanks in advanced
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    bump. i am interested as well
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    It's really hard to suggest you anything, because it really depends on what products you want to promote. I'm not a big fan of Clickbank, but here is a short guide :)

    Just to make sure you don't waste your time reading all the way to the end, I want to make it clear in the first paragraph, it's not a get rich quick scheme.

    But this method works. It worked 6-8 years ago and it will work in the next few years. Okay, the next few years may sound harsh, so let's say it'll work till Dec 21, 2012.

    1, Sign up for Clickbank

    A quick guide: lol, tried to add a link, but it seems I can't so just Google "Signing Up for a ClickBank Account" and you'll find the guide.

    2, Pick up a niche

    First you need to pick up a niche. If you're new to affiliate marketing, choose something you're interested in or something you understand.

    • if you're into phones, gadgets, try offers like the iPad guides
    • if you like games, try the gaming offers
    • if you want to lose weight, try weight loss ebooks
    • if you're the next Ronnie Coleman, try workout ebooks
    • if you're a hemorrhoid sufferer ... okay, you got the idea I think.

    I suggest newbies to stay away from niches they don't know much about because it will be so much harder to make your first sale. Don't go after money making offers, if you don't know how to make money.

    Nothing is funnier than reading articles and watching videos on the Internet that's just screaming "Holy cr.p, I don't know sh.t about the product, I'm just desperate to sell you this because of those huge commissions"

    The more you understand your niche, the more you understand your visitors and their "problem" the sooner you will receive those checks :)

    3, Select some products

    Once you've chosen your niche it's time to select some products. Check the followings:

    • how much the product costs
    • average commission per sale
    • gravity
    • product landing page
    • affiliate resources
    • competition

    So pick some of the products that seem promising and discover more about them.

    Can you compare them? Do you think one of them is better than the other ones? Do you think one will convert better than the other ones?

    Great, pick that as your main product and the other ones as your backup products.

    There is no way to tell you which product to choose, so you need to test it. And unfortunately you need traffic to test it.

    4, Build your site

    4, a, Free sites

    You can build sites for free on sites like Wordpress, Blogger, Squidoo, etc. if you don't want to invest too much first.

    The problem with these properties is that you do not own them and you can lose them at any time.

    4, b, Your own sites

    I think once you start making money, you should consider buying your own domain and hosting. It's only $5-10/month for hosting and $8-$10/year for the domain.

    Don't waste too much time searching for the perfect domain, you don't need EMDs (exact match domains), most of the times short brandable domains are awesome.

    If you go with your own domain and hosting you need to set up your CMS (content management system); Wordpress is just great and really easy to install. Once you're ready, you can choose a template for your site. I don't really want to go into details, there are many of them out there and they're really easy to install.

    You'll also need some plugins, like:

    • WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast
    • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)
    • if your theme doesn't already have it, a social plugin

    Recommended domain registrars:

    • GoDaddy (but never host your domains with them)
    • Name dot com
    • NameCheap
    • NameSilo

    Recommended hosting:

    • HostGator
    • HostMonster

    5, Add content

    Once you setup your site, you need to add unique, quality content. The more content you have the higher your chances of receiving targeted traffic.

    If you're a native English speaker, it must not be so hard to write articles and even if your English is not good enough, you can outsource your writing projects.

    Some great places to find writers:

    • BHW forum
    • Freekance sites like oDesk
    • Fiverr and Fiverr-like sites
    • iWriter

    5, a, The usual blah-blah

    Add general pages like:

    • privacy policy
    • affiliate disclosure
    • contact form
    • about page (if used correctly, it can really boost your conversion)

    5, b, Real content

    So, it's time to add some general articles to your site. General doesn't mean that you write about your old pug's arthritis on your tech site of course.

    You need to write articles related to your niche and to the product you chose. Picked up the weight loss niche? (geez, that one is so so saturated...) Great, go with general articles like:

    • 10 Tips to Lose Belly Fat
    • 3 Ways to Lose Weight in 7 Days
    • 5 Reasons Low Calorie Diet Don't Work

    Some tips to write articles people will like:

    • use catchy titles
    • add subheadings
    • add bullet points
    • add images
    • add videos
    • add authority links

    At the end of the article, write about you bergreat solution to lose weight and add a clear CTA (call to action) to lead your visitors to your product review.

    Don't just stop here, articles are not the only way to add content. Are you a native speaker or you have some money to spend?

    Create your videos! Again, give your visitors some great tips and HOPE. And end your video with a CTA.

    So, once you're ready with the 8-10 articles, time to write your review.

    6, Add your review

    Tell your readers how this product will help them. Focus on the benefits, add some reasons to buy it. Add images of the product (with your affiliate links), add some (real) testimonials, tell them how it helped you.

    Add clear CTAs, don't just hope they click there, always tell them what to do next.

    "Ready to Change Your Life? Click Here to Buy XY Now!"

    Give them HOPE.

    7, Add more reviews

    Add some more product reviews and compare them. Compare prices, features, money back guarantees, everything that can highlight your chosen product and that can help your visitors to make the right decision.

    8, Track your visitors

    Add Google Analytics or Piwik to your site, so you can find out how your users found your site. This way you can focus on traffic sources and keywords that actually works.

    9, Get traffic

    It's really the hardest part of the whole game. There are some great ways to bring some targeted traffic to your page.

    9, a, SEO

    Just pick some profitable keywords and bring them up in the SERPs.

    I really don't want to write more about it (sorry), because it would be an other, much longer post :) And you can find everything about it on BHW I think.

    9, b, Socialize

    Build your Facebook page, go to Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube and interact with users. Share, like, follow, retweet, repin... Sounds easy but can be really boring sometimes.

    9, c, Videos

    Try to make some interesting videos and upload them to popular video sharing sites. Always refer them to your site.

    If you talk about general things in your video, lead them to the appropriate article on your site. If you tell them more about the product, lead them to your review page.

    9, d, PPC

    If you have money to burn you can try pay per clicks. Although it can make you some nice ROI, I wouldn't suggest it if you've never tried them.

    Ah, I'm pretty sure I missed some great techniques to get traffic :(

    10, Squeeze the most juice out of your site

    Add Aweber or MailChimp to your site, capture your visitors and sell your products later.

    Found some great CPA offers? Add them to your site.

    11, Rinse and repeat

    Never put all your eggs in one basket. Build new sites, try another niches, try another affiliate networks to boost your earnings.

    I hope it helps. If you have any questions, feel free to ask it here, I try to answer them.
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    Awesome, Marvelous, Superb, Great & Amazing Post.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this precious post with me & us.
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    Basically affiliate marketing in a nutshell! Bravo!
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    You may want to select from This website will show you very detail of the product that you can promote and become affiliate. You can use the find product search engine at the right bar to narrow the search. All information can be found there. Select the high gravity as this figure show the most earning affiliate products.
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    This is amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to help folks that are new to the world of IM, it makes all of the difference!
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    thanks a lot ...very informative post..
    will try to save this and I still more info .
    thanks anyway
    it helps me also cause I want to try affiliate marketing
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    This was helpful to me, so thank you for posting this! I know it had ot take some time to write it, but I am actually in the process of creating a weight loss niche site to see how well it works out. I just have to find some of the products I am interested in promoting. Are there other good sites besides ClickBank worth getting involved with for this particular niche?

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    "How to pick the product which have more commission as well as product must be rare?

    Please reply here or refer me some free guide.

    Thanks in advanced"

    I subscribed to this thread because i am also in the same boat. I would like to thank Glen for the informative post. Hopefully I can come back to this page and learn how to get some chips from click bank. Thanks for creating this thread as well! :cool: