How to start properply to earn money?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by mynote, Apr 19, 2012.

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    Hello folk,

    first of all.. thanks for the very good readable posts in the forum.

    i'm not a newbie at all in SEO nor in Blackhat SEO. I know what a Doorway page is, how to manipulate headers and such..

    At least i had some Sites years ago which made some $$$ a month.

    My problem is that i solt all my sites because of my job and a bigger investigation.

    Now i'm trying to start again but ive no idea how to start properply with the first site, no sites with higher valued pagerank or trust, ..

    Sure, i may register tons of domains, put them on different class-c ip's, fill them up with lots of unique content and try to get some backlinks of other sites and do some crossbacklinking on my own projects.

    But... if no site has a PR/POP then it's almost impossible to get qualified backlinks on the beginning.

    So.. how would you start? I hate creating wordpress blogs so far and fill them up weekly with new content. I'm a very good Coder in PHP5 (OOP!) and MySQL. I know how to create quick pages but i'm not a good designer, so i usually use public templates and such.

    I don't have lots of money for the beginning so i may start with max 5-10 Domains/Webprojects until it generates some money.

    My plan is to register a few sites in one categorie like "Beauty" with almost the same stuff. After that i fill them up with some content (maybe its possible to build up 2-3 "fucked up automatically generated content sites" for putting backlinks?) and try to contact webmasters for crosslinking.

    Aswell i'll register my domains on listdirectorys and try to get some articles? any idea how i do it quickly, dirty and with less writing of own content?

    Thanks so far!

    at least.. sorry for my bad english :)
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    This forum has a lot of great method to how make money online
    try search for "methods" you will find some great gems there.
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    It is an easy and hard question to answer.
    The forum is plenty of information, howtos and discussions about it.
    You should solve all your doubts, searching for singles questions and answers.

    Anyway.. you need time and some money too... especially if you do not want to do all the job by yourself.
    Some initial steps, for examples:
    - find cheap hostings on different c ip's
    - buy domains with different names
    - use scrape and spin techniques to make texts for websites..
    - etc..

    Have a good luck finding the best solutions that fits your needs.
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    Sep 26, 2011
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    I would stick to wordpress because it's more valuable to most buyers.
    And use curated content if you are lazy.
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    Nov 15, 2011
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    If you dont have too much experience in SEO or PPC, you can start selling services or products on Fiverr or Fiverr clones. This is a good way to get the ball rolling, start the cash flow and then reinvest the money made.
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    Man if you are good at PHP and MySQL then go and offer your skills on sites like odesk or other freelancer sites. Get projects and steady cash flow and use that money to buy complete niche websites (for example) and try some seo service :) Or get projects, buy websites, upgrade them (PHP skills :p), SEO them a little bit and flip on flippa. or.... there are many ways :)