How to start earning with my subreddit? Where to find affiliate offers?

It has 80k members and very community active. How and where to find affiliate offers and such?
Google is your best bet for finding out. And it depends on the country of your subs as well.

Check: "affiliate program (insert niche)".
Link to credit card sign up offers that give airline mile rewards which can be donated to evacuation agencies.
Custom merchandise like t shirts or bumper stickers.
Look for premium news subscription affiliate programs.
Upsell a Patreon subscription that does bonus in depth interviews.
Affiliate links that sell flags or military patches.
Cross promote a discord community that has a paid membership option.
Just check two new subreddits I never posted. Seems like any links or comments posted in old threads gets instantly remove. When I post in new threads seems okay. Not sure if the mods set some kind filter
What's the average of your active users in a day? I might be able to help out.
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