How to start a turnkey hosting company

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    This would be a dream of mine, and I am sure others of you have a similar dream too. I am sure some of our bhw brothers and sisters have done this or are trying doing this now. I would greatly appreciated your links and advice, etc from those that are on the right track in doing this.

    Basically the hosting company I am referring to would entail using someone elses servers, perhaps I would be a reseller or lease their servers unbeknownst to my clients... I will also need a turnkey website that accepts the credit cards and automates the hosting process to give them their own Cpanel ,etc. I do not want to get a commission a a reseller for another copany. I am referring to accepting payments under my company and the money funnels directly through to my merchant account to my bank account.

    Thank you so much for your replies in advance.
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    IMHO it's not a good business to get into but to each his own.

    This site has a lot of info you will find helpful:

    wwww dot webhostingtalk dot com

    Be sure to check out the various offers threads and how cheap they are, the businesses seem to last 4-6 months before folding because there are no profits at those prices.
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