How to Start a Service For Easy Steady Income

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    When creating an info product of some sort often you can do one of two things:

    1 - Create a one time purchase product: Ebook, audio, video, or software program

    2 - Create a service with a weekly or monthly subscription - This is where a lot of money is and it requires less work here is why...

    When you create a service and get a subscriber, even if your service was all hype, and it sucks, the subscriber will usually stay on for 3-4 month. It takes as much work to get a customer to buy your ebook as it does to get them to subscribe to your service. however once they are a subscriber you'll get 3 to 4 monthly payments from them instead of just 1.

    This has to do with simple psychology once a customer subscribes even if he doesn't get all he wished for he'll have a hard time unsubscribing just because he'll get used to your service and will start treating it like a necessity. Traditional corporations user this trick all the time, think of cable tv providers, cell phone service companies and magazines.

    So how do you start a service....It's very simple....

    Find any kind of automation software in internet marketing, seo etc, and create a service around it. Let's say you found 1 or 2 pieces of software that do article submissions to 100's of directories then start an article submission service. It's that simple.

    Now you might be thinking, why would anyone pay me to do it when they can just buy the software? Here are a few reasons:

    1 - There are many niche areas in internet marketing that have automation software yet the software isn't popular - many internet marketers don't even know it exists and will assume that you're doing all the work by hand and saving them time

    2 - Even internet marketers who know about the software sometimes just want to outsource the process to save time and hassle of learning how to use software. Some aren't very techy or are just new to internet marketing.

    3 - Many of those who sell automation software often write okay sales letters. If you write a killer sales letter for your service you'll attract more subscribers.

    4 - Many of those who sell automation software don't know how to market it either (of course this doesn't apply to most BHW members however its the case on many other internet marketing forums) - often they are programmers not marketers.

    The best part about starting a service is that you only do the work once to get 20-30 subscribers, and the money keeps coming in every month without you having to get any more.

    The automation software will often require you to put in 30-60 minutes of work a day so you can start another service or try a new niche.
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