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How To Squeeze The Dogshit Out Of Your KDP Amazon Books

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by ScribScribScrib, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. ScribScribScrib

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    Mar 15, 2017
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    alright bitches time to give something back to this forum.

    You will need:
    - 5 HIGH-QUALITY (20k + words) books published on kdp.
    -some knowledge about keyword targeting, stuffing, analysis, competition.
    -not giving a fuck
    -do manual tasks that are boring as fuck
    -have a LOT of time + patience for this shit

    So what we're doing here is completely legal in amazon eyes but when you look at it from our perspective it's blackhat as fuck yo.
    The main thing which we'll be doing is bundling our books together, creating more books out of thin air.
    Here's the kicker; We are going to be multiplying our books like the flee, making 50, 100 or even more books out of 5 and here's how to approach it.

    Here is some math shit to help you better understand what the hell we're actually doing, before that I have to mention that
    1) no human approves books in the amazon store, it's all done by bots which can be played.
    2) no human works at the amazon kdp department from saturday-sunday (not a joke) so you could literally upload ANYTHING (as long as it is not bestiality or rape) in that timeframe and it will get approved in less than 24 hours, most of my books get approved in 12 hours.
    3) amazon bots are VERY easy to play, this will be demonstrated down below
    4) many people are afraid to upload a lot of books as they are worried about getting banned or labeled by the bots, but I upload like 10 books a day and nobody gives a shit, literally.
    Understand that amazon kdp is the google of 2006, spam the shit out if it while it lasts.

    So let's suppose you got like 5 books and you wanna do bundles of three books per new 'book'
    We'll call the amount of books you will use as n
    and the number of books in a bundle as m
    the formula used is the following n!/m!(n-m)!
    Use this website to do it quickly and have an output of books immediately delivered on a platter https://planetcalc.com/3757/
    When we put in the numbers and do the math, we'll get 10 completely unique combinations 120/6(2)=10
    A B C
    A B D
    A B E
    A C D
    A C E
    A D E
    B C D
    B C E
    B D E
    C D E

    but thats only ten books, right? That would sadly be the case if the bots actually paid attention to the actual content of every book, which they don't.
    So what do we have to do to exploit this? Change the book order!
    That means that to an amazon bot A B C is NOT the same as B A C even though the contents of the 'bundle' are completely identical!
    Now we have to determine how many times A B C D E can be placed uniquely in order to determine the multiplier of books we will be able to create.
    In order to do that, we'll use this website http://www.statisticshowto.com/calculators/permutation-calculator-and-combination-calculator/ which will give us the answer 120.
    That means that we can create 1200 books out of 5 books, but it doesn't end here.
    I will show you how to potentially create unlimited books with one simple trick Amazon doesn't want you to know.
    Authors hate me!

    First Way:
    In order to do so, you will have to simply open up your word document, go to the find and replace section and replace all the names of cities, places, mountains, characters with other names, basically creating a new book (in the bots view), You don't have to change ANY other content, just the names.
    This basically means that your new 'book' is essentially not 'A' but 'F'!
    You will ofcourse remove A from the new bundles as we are targeting human readers and they would quickly notice that something is amiss.
    With a new letter at our disposal, we do the same shit again, only this time, we make sure to ignore all results that don't contain the letter F in it.
    Here's where it gets interesting, once we remove B and put G in, we have three possible combinations that we can play with (four actually if you count the original one but we already used it up!).

    C D E F G,
    B C D E F,
    A C D E G

    And you use all of them so long they contain the letters F and/or G in them!
    Adding a third letter increase the number of combos exponentially and so on and so forth.
    If you really want to play it safe you can just create five new books and be happy with the 1200 new combos you get but anyways if you feel adventurous follow the instructions above.

    Second Way:
    Decrease/Increase the amount of books your bundle contains, making all books you create unique.
    That means that A B C D is NOT THE SAME to an amazon bot as A B C
    So instead of three, you will now put the number four in the 'r' section over here
    You can also put in two, if you have larger book files.

    Third Way:
    Write another book (essentially adding a legit F) or if you have like 10 books published you don't need to do the first way at all, you are basically all set up for infinity.

    So now you know how to create infinite books out of five books, what should be we do now, what is our goal with this?
    Most readers are bound and loyal to just one genre, be it mystery, vampires, werewolves or mlp fanfiction.
    This comes to our advantage as it vastly decreases the chances of anyone ever finding out about us and our wrongdoings.
    This also opens up a number of possibilities for us, especially considering the fact that amazon only allows you to brand your book in two categories.
    As anyone that has ever published anything on amazon surely knows, if you fuck up the category you are trying to compete in, you will never sell a book in your career, no matter how well it is written.
    But we are humans so we do tend to fuck up, but what if we could fuck up an unlimited amount of times?
    If our five (or more) books really are of high-quality, than it means that it is just a numbers game, just like playing the lottery, you just need to push the right buttons and enter the best combination possible.
    This is what we are trying to accomplish.
    Here's an example of what I'm trying to say, the same book (Using Method Number One of creating books A ->F) in one niche http://prntscr.com/gsxtwf
    and here's the SAME BOOK in another niche (with different keywords, book name, understandably) http://prntscr.com/gsxif6

    Would you believe me if I told you that the book with almost no KENP and zero sales had been uploaded before the book we are comparing it to?

    So all of this allows us to do UNLIMITED testing and see what keywords and niches perform the best and what is currently 'hot' and 'in'
    Once you determine what is currently hot, you simply start putting your books in that niche using a combination of Method One and DIFFERENT AUTHOR NAMES, DIFFERENT KEYWORDS (TESTING), DIFFERENT PICTURES (TESTING), DIFFERENT BOOK NAMES (TESTING), DIFFERENT BOOK DESCRIPTIONS (TESTING)

    It doesn't really matter if you aren't the best at creating covers, you will learn during the process, you can get images by simply typing in a generic keyword like 'adventure' and download all the images that YOU feel someone else would be interested in.

    You can start simply by using a site like picfont.com and than later upgrade to photoshop once you get the basics out of the way.

    In regards to book names, make them as clickbaity as possible, make YOURSELF want to click them, bullshit the shit out of the name and try to mention two keywords you are targeting (not more as amazon is starting to pick up on it), while keeping it natural.
    Example: The Savage Beasts Of The Forgotten Past

    Book descriptions should be around 50-150 words long (never longer!!) and try to cliffhang the shit out of the reader right from the start.
    Mention names, mention emotion, mention action, ITS ALL HAPPENING NOW (!!!!!!!) AND YOU MUST KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT- create a NEED to read your book!

    Lastly, keywords are kind of a hit and miss but luckily our opportunities are infinite and so is our tenacity.
    I like to look at the top 20 books in the niche I'm targeting, scrape all the keywords I can find, determine the possibility of me ranking with the same keywords and if not, I create new, long tail keywords out of the keywords from the scraped list!
    With those, we are basically creating a new sub-sub niche that is either going to work out in your favour or not.

    What You Also Need To Do

    -Determine what niches you target (I personally target around 40 niches), that means that you need around 200 unique author names http://www.fakenamegenerator.com/gen-male-us-us.php and each author is going to try and become an authority in the niche it is representing with the same five books (5 authors per niche is just the average, for smaller niches try smaller numbers and for bigger ones bigger numbers)
    These 40 niches have all one thing in common; You are able to draw lines between them, making it easy to turn a lesbian erotica book into a gay erotica book or a gay erotica book into a heterosexual romance... You get my point.

    Lastly, buy one US proxy and browse amazon when searching for keywords, if you are not from the US as the SERP results may vary from location to location.

    The first two months of me doing this http://prntscr.com/gsxqzy (I still wasn't sure what the hell I was doing)
    August was pretty good to me, with a total of 300$ earned, can't post payment proof as amazon pays 60+ days after earning the royalties.
    September, I'm expecting around 700$ in royalties.

    I'm kind of getting tired of this as it is hard, mentally dulIing work, we'll see if it will continue on providing money passively over the next month.

    This is all I have to say for now, if you got any questions feel free to ask out loud or PM me!
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