How to Spy on Facebook Ads


May 7, 2010
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What can I do to be able to see what ads are people running on facebook for other countries ?

If you mention proxies, please give an example as I've tried some of them like HotSpot Shield and Proxify and didnt work.

Make a profile that has the location that they're from as the country u want to see ads from :D
Try proxy4freedotcom and there's a list of free proxy per country. Just try those proxies some of it will works for facebook. Just use dummy fb accounts with no friends because there is a tendency that the data you entered will be intercepted.
facebook says ads are delivered by last ip login and not 'location'
Hey, I came across some tool on fbcopter that collents tons of ads info from Facebook.
I don't know about this fbcopter but I wanted to let you know I just posted a BETA of my Social Intel tool that monitors FB ads. There's a free 3 day trial at AffPortal if you guys are interested.

So far I have about 10 profiles in there and experimenting with proxies and different methods of profile creation and phone authentication. It's tricky business now but the results are killer.

The data is pulled from mid December and even with that limited dataset, you would have to be blind to not see what's working for the demographics my spybot is pulling ads from.

It's pretty sweet.
If you really want the beast, then check out my signature. SAN is running on about 80 profiles so far and has already 200k ads and counting. See ya;)
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