how to solve this? is this my chrome or BHW issue?

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Jr Vip
Sep 10, 2010
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yes, I live near the forest atm, im using wifi.

but if its my connection problem, why im not lagging while watching stream or youtube?

i've mentioned above, i didn't found the same problem on different sites, it just BHW.
Hard to say without looking at your connection to be honest.

Diamond Damien

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Oct 27, 2005
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every time I try to open a thread, it takes too long for the page to show up, more often the page doesn't show up at all.

in the end I need to press F5 repeatedly until the page show up, and also happened when i try to reply, searching, clicking anything in BHW, it takes too long.

my internet connection is good and I've tried clearing cache and history from BHW, but still the same, slow loading, endless.

how to solve this?

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Thanks for all the suggestions above, I can confirm that forum side we're fine with no restrictions.

A couple of things you may want to try forum side.
1. I can see 6 connections in your screenshot, I'm guessing looking at your IP data there are many more coming into BHW. If you play your F5 key like the street fighter attack key then you're going to get slowed and eventually blocked. If you're finding there is still an issue then you may already be blocked, please raise a support ticket (link at bottom of every page) and reference this thread. Include any of the pages you're trying to access.

2. Try and access the forum without any adblockers as some adblockers stop the forum from functioning correctly - you'll be receiving an error message at the top of the page if you could load the page.

Otherwise the suggestions above re line speed may help. BHW will function with the line speed you have but if you try and open multiple tabs and refresh them all together with that slow a speed you'll have issues.

I hope this has helped - as above please raise a ticket with support if your continue to have issues.

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