How To Snipe and Trade Meme Coins for 100x (Full Guide)


Nov 12, 2020
In this thread I will show you how I recently snipe and trade meme coins (shit coins basically, but just based on memes) and got a pretty good ROI. I haven’t seen a similar thread on BHW, and I am sure this will be interesting for most of you. Right now, I also saw some people offering courses, etc. to teach this exact method. I will provide this all for free for you guys. Personally, I turned my 2 Solana into 15 Solana just within three days. So, just to break it down for you. In this thread I explain:
  • What you need to trade meme coins
  • Where and how to find meme coins
  • How to avoid most of the scams
  • How to trade the memecoins
  • What trading strategy I use to avoid losses and get a decent ROI
  • Psychology behind the meme coins

And no, I am not a crypto guru, I am not going to launch a marketplace thread and I am also not going to sell you any ebook or method. All of the information are here for free.

Before we start, I want to write this disclaimer because its very important:

I can’t and don’t want to guarantee anything. All of the meme coins are literally a scam and have no value at all. This is a gamble. You should know about the risk…and believe me, this is high risk. It could be possible you will lose everything. If you have some money left that you don’t really care about, give it a try. You should never (even with other coins) invest the money that you need to survive in real life. I hope you understand the risk. I will explain how to avoid most of the scams, but it is not 100% sure. I don’t take any responsibility for your actions.

Now, lets start.

What you need to trade meme coins

Most of the meme coins are created with Solana, so you will need Solana (SOL). To get Solana, you can trade your BTC, USDT, etc. to SOL on platforms like Binance, Kucoin, etc.

Next, you can either send the SOL to Phantom (or a similar wallet) or to a bot. What I found the best and fastest solution is a Telegram bot called “BonkBot”.

You add BonkBot to Telegram and it create a wallet for you. If you don’t have Telegram, download it on your smartphone and/or your PC.

Here is a link to Bonkbot. As I said, Bonkbot will create a wallet for you and gives you an address. Send the Solana you want to use to this wallet.

In BonkBot, type in /settings and press enter. Here is how I have set up Bonkbot:


What settings are important?

Buy Buttons configuration:
You can configure it how you want. Simply enter how many SOL you wanna spend on a meme coin when you press the button.

Sell Buttons: How many % of the coins you wanna sell if you press the button.

Slippage: The prices of the meme coins are changing every single second. Usually, I have the slippage around 2-5%. Some people also make it higher.

Max Price Impact: BonkBot shows you a warning if the price change is too big within a second. This is for your protection.

MEV Protect: Turbo! This is important.

Transaction priority: High (or very high!) to make sure the transaction goes through as fast as possible. Remember, the price is changing every second.

So, now we have set up BonkBot. And the entire trading process will happen within this telegram bot. Why? Because it is the fastest and the most reliable. You can literally buy and sell with one tap on a button. It is the fastest solution I found.

Where and how to find meme coins?

I am using DexScreener to find the latest meme coins. You don’t have to create an account there. Here is their website:

This website scans and lists all the new meme coins that just have been created. You will see a whole list of meme coins. Now it is our job to filter them.

What are we looking for specifically? The newest meme coins based on Solana. Why? Because remember: We want to buy those meme coins, when the market cap is as low as possible. Buy low, sell high. Your entry should be as early as possible, so it has the lowest possible price.

Some coins will have 10x just after 5 minutes. So will have 100x after 15 minutes.

We need to find the best meme coin as fast as possible. Being fast is the most important of all! Just one second decides between winning or losing.

  • In the left menu: Press “new pairs” (to show all the new meme coins)
  • On the top bar: Press “Solana” (to show only the Solana ones)
  • Filter the age to show all coins that have been created earlier than 6 hours ago
  • Sort them by age, so it shows the latest coins on the top
Now you see the latest meme coins. This list keeps refreshing and adds the new meme coins automatically.

To be honest: 95% of these coins are an absolute scam. Not just a normal scam like the others, no no, they are an absolute scam. This means: They are created to rip off traders immediately just after a couple of seconds. They wait until the market cap goes up, and then they dump the coin by 100%. And this makes you lose ALL of your Solana.

How to avoid most of the scams?

As I mentioned before, all of these coins are shit coins and have no value at all. So basically, in some way, they are all a scam from the very beginning. No matter what they claim, write in their Telegram, Twitter or websites, or what their “motivation” or “goal” is, it’s all a scam.

Like in real life: Some scams are easy to spot, but others are more sophisticated (this one is for you Sartre).

Here is how I filter most of meme coins. There is a process I go through. Let us take two examples I just found now:

EXAMPLE A - $CBAG (catwifbag)

Catwifbag (yes, I know…) is a meme which is quite popular right now. You will see dozens of them. Same goes for Pepe related memes, for example: History of Pepe, Book of Pepe, etc. these popular memes are mostly also popular meme coins that gets traded a lot.


As you can see on the screenshot, there are a few things I marked.

The basics first:

On the top left, I changed the time to 1s (1 second). This is VERY important, because the market cap changes within a split of a second. If you keep it on 1m, you will NEVER see the real time price. So, you HAVE TO put it on 1s. Every green/red candle you see there, is one second. For example, it went from $140k to $160k just within two seconds.

Then, I change from Price to Mcap (Market Cap) because this is what is important.

Now lets get into spotting scams:

Locked and burned liquidity:

This one has the liquidity locked and burned 100% of it. This can be a very strong indicator that this coin isn’t going to rug any second soon. If the liquidity is locked and burned, you will see a small lock symbol.

Socials and websites:

You can spot a low- or high-quality meme coin by seeing if they have socials or a website. This one has. Here is the website and Twitter for example. I am not advertising them, its just an example:

Why is this an indicator that its very likely not just a very cheap scam? Because in order to add socials such as twitter, telegram or your website, you have to pay DexScreener $299!

This means, these people behind the coin invested money, burned all the liquidity, and so on.

But even then, you don’t need to join their Telegram, interact with them on Twitter, or read their business plan on their website. All of it doesn’t matter. The only thing that I would look out for is the quality of their website.

There is one additional way to evaluate the coin. This nice website called:

Enter the contract address of the coin in there and check the results:


Basically gives you a risk analysis. This helps a lot.

From what I can see so far, this meme coin is decent and you can make some profits with it.

For a matter of fact, right now while I type this, the price already increased:


In my first screenshot above it was at $149, now it is at $190k. So I could have already made some small profits. Lets see where it is in the end of this thread.

Lets get into a bad example now.

Example B


At the first sight, this might look good, right? Because the Market Cap just keeps increasing. But as you can see, there are no socials. The liquidity is not locked and burned. This is suspicious and I would definitely not invest in it. You can expect this one to go to 0 any time.

Lets run it through


It might say “Good” but as you can see on the right. One guy owns 98.43% of this coin. This means he controls it entirely. He can sell any time and everyone else will lose their money, only he will profit.

Usually, these people will just wait until the market cap hits a specific high, and then they will sell ALL of their coins, dumping the coin into oblivion. Should definitely stay away from this one.

Example C


Another new meme coin, it has liquidity locked, but there are no socials/websites at all.


A quick check on reveals: 99.52% belong to one wallet. Risk analysis shows: Danger. Mint Authority is still enabled, this mean more tokens can be minted by the owner anytime. Huge red flag and I would definitely stay away from it.

These were just 3 examples. I could go on and check more. Basically, you can minimize your risk simply by making a due diligence. After some time, you will see certain patterns and it will be easier for you to judge.

Oh, I just checked the coin again, and here is what happened:


The owner just sold all the coins and scammed some people. This is why a due diligence is so important.

If you see any red flags, if you have any doubts or something seems suspicious: Do not invest. I know its difficult, because all of this crap is suspect and a scam.

How to trade the meme coins

Lets say you found a promising coin. How can you trade it?


This one has an interesting pattern. You can make easy profit. How? Buy it when its low, sell it when its high. Rinse and repeat.

On the top right, press on copy next to “BURT”. It copies the contract address.

Now paste it into BonkBot and press buy (either 0.3 SOL or 0.6 SOL – however you set it up). Before pressing the “Buy” button, make sure you keep refreshing to see the actual market cap. Keep in mind, it changes every second. Buy it when its low.


Just to give you an example, I immediately sold it and it made me around 0.02 SOL (which is nothing, but I just did it to demonstrate how it works).


The process again:

  • Copy & paste the contract into BonkBot
  • Watch the charts closely, keep refreshing BonkBot for the lowest possible Market Cap
  • Hit the buy button as soon as you see the lowest Market Cap
  • Watch the chart closely (do not just close the tab and forget about it)
  • Sell for a higher Market Cap.
Important: It is better to sell too early than to sell too late. Read this again.

Meme Coins have a very high volatility. Prices changes within one second. High profit now, high loss the next second. Watch closely, keep refreshing!

What trading strategy I use to avoid losses and get a decent ROI

I don’t particularly aim to get a 100x or 1000x ROI. Of course, you can do this, but you will have a higher risk. I usually aim for 2x, 5x or 10x.

Don’t forget: This game is all about buying low and selling high. However, if you are waiting too long before selling, you might risk losing it all. I prefer to get a 50% profit than to lose 100%.

One strategy to avoid a complete loss is the following:

Remember when we set the sell buttons at 25% and 100%? Keep selling 25% of the meme coin, while it the market cap is increasing.


Lets say you watched a meme coin and you decided to buy the dip at around $17k. It keeps increasing, but you are afraid it might crash any time. What would I do? Sell 25% at $23k to get some profit, wait, sell 25% at $28k, wait, sell 25% at $35k, and after it decreases, I would sell all the remaining.

In this way, I got profit, but I didn’t risk to lose it all. I always got some profit. Yes, you will get less profit in total, but you won’t lose it all.

Understanding the psychology and some other tips

Psychology in crypto, and also the real stock market, is very important. You have to understand what is going on and why it is going on.

First of all, you can immediately spot whether a coin is going to 100x or not. Lets take this example I just saw:


Let us take a look at their website:


This looks really high-quality and promising. And this is actually not a meme.

Just a few minutes later, lets check it again:


Literally, while I wrote this, it went from $140k to $577k.

What would you rather buy? Some random meme coin called “Catwifbag” or “VisionAI” with a top-notch website and an actual purpose?

Of course, VisionAI will do better than Catwifbag. It is way more attractive and original. The only question is: Were you early enough to get into it? I wouldn’t get into it at $500k. The chance of losses is too high. At $100-200k it would be the optimal entry point.

And do you remember when I wrote about “sophisticated scams” and no coin here really helds any value or purpose? VisionAI is one of them as well. Don’t get manipulated. Also this coin is a scam.

Watch out for specific market cap goals: Many traders set themselves a goal like “I will sell at $100k market cap or $1million.” So, you should try to sell before you hit these milestones.

One more tip:

As I mentioned, the meme coin market has high volatility. Everyone just wants to make a quick buck. Traders come to one coin, pump it, then dump it. They only hold the coins just for a couple of minutes. They never hold it for a few hours or days, and once a coin got dumped, it won’t pump again.
Reminds me of the multiplier gambling game, where the X goes faster each seccond. It can become 1000x in a minute or it can crash in 1s, you never know :D
So how much you invest per coin? How much profit per coin in usdt? How much daily net profits via all trades? And how many hrs spent?

And to launch own meme coin doesn't it like cost around 7K USD? Do they do security audit on them when launch?
So if rug pull can they even get back their initial investment easily or coin totally flops? Plus how will owner of coin that rug pulls get away with converting their crypto to cash? Since literally block chain transactions can be tracked and finally once he/she goes to a cex to get cash can be caught
great post. two weeks ago I made a thread just asking about this. i use a similar strategy, also using bonkbot.

you guys know whats the real risk? if you get too greedy. you flipped a coin and trippled your money, then you think you are untouchable and figured out, next, you become careless and even more risky...and exactly this is where you have to be careful. never get too emotional, never become too greedy. always use your brain.
Leverage and spot trading are different.if an exchange pump a coin like neme then for stopping arbitrage in other exchanges the wallet will be frozen fast. This is my experience for 5 years of trading.
Good guide mate. But to make 100x on memes you need to have a bot that can sniff new minted tokens and in the same moment check them for rug and scams and then auto buy/sell. Bonkbot can't do this, it is just a simple trading tool.

You don't need to check for rugs. You just need to buy fast enough.

If you're first in, you can sell immediately after a couple more bots buy in and you profit.

What you do need is a high quality private RPC, or your own.
You don't need to check for rugs. You just need to buy fast enough.

If you're first in, you can sell immediately after a couple more bots buy in and you profit.

What you do need is a high quality private RPC, or your own.
yes, but there are a lot of rugs where you can buy but you can't sell. Even the fastest bot that won't check those thing will make you broke fast mate.
Bonkbot is slow and for beginners. If you want to really make some big chunk then you need to be a sniper bot , rpc node and vps to snipe the token in first block. In sniper there is a AFK mode (away from keyboard) its do all the the things. You just need to do the setting that when to sell how much quantity and all that. Currently there is a sniper bot Blockburst in beta testing and the beta testers are printing hard $$.

Telegram bots are for beginners if you see the list of dexscreener top trader of specific coin then mostly are the snipers or dev
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