How to Skyrocket Your Motivation by Discovering your Needs

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    I've mentioned in most of my previous threads that motivation is the fuel you need to get you going in the right direction. Self-discipline can get you moved, but not always in the right direction.
    See, when you force yourself to do your work (with the help of your self-discipline), you are not necessarily effective, in most cases you are not.

    For example, let's take 2 cases:

    1- You forced yourself to go to gym and spend a full hour there.

    2- You are motivated to grow your muscles and look sexier, so you went to gym.

    In which case you'll work harder, smarter, and more effective? Definitely the latter.
    Now , I will explain to you a trick that I've discovered which can help you boost your motivation, so you can work harder, better and more effective.

    Before, let me tell you a personal story:
    Like 3 years ago, when I was still in high-school, I was one of the laziest students in my class. Why? Simply because I thought I wasn't going to attend college (though I do now), so I had no motivation to get high exams.
    One day, we received our math exam marks, and everyone in my class was talking about the exam during the break. When I tried to fit in with the conversion, they kinda ignored me (because of my low mark), so I felt I was underestimated.
    Therefore, I felt a shortage in my social needs which I needed to fill. What did I do? I signed up for doing the exam again, and this time I studied like I've never studied before. I was amazed on how much I've studied, and now I know why.
    It was because of the motivational source, the need that I wanted to fulfill.
    If you are wondering about the result, I got a full mark [​IMG] .

    Now let me explain to you something that I've learned in college, and it fits perfectly here. There is an American psychological theorist called David McClelland. And in his Need theory he claims that the human has 3 main needs:

    * Need for Achievement

    * Need for Affiliation
    * Need for Power
    By realizing your most dominant need, you can boost your motivation. How?
    In the story that I've told earlier, I had a shortage in the Need for Affiliation, so I was super motivated to get a high mark.

    When you need to finish a job or a task, try to figure out a need that you need to fulfill, then somehow, connect it to the job.

    How to spot your dominant need:
    1) Be conscious - It's important to be totally honest with yourself.
    2) Past experiences - When were you motivated the most? When have you done a great job and why?
    3) Think about the three - Take each of the needs above (Need for Achievement, for Affiliation, and for Power), and then simply ask yourself "Do I have a shortage in this need?".

    Connecting the need to the job:

    Now after you've spotted the need, try to connect it to the job you need to get done.
    For example, if you discovered that you have a shortage in your Need for Achievement, and now you have a post to make for your blog. Think about how great it'll be to get your blog to a better place, to achieve authority.

    That's all for today folks, I hope you liked it.