how to shutdown or recover a lost blogger account?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by kammykhan, Aug 26, 2012.

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    I was just re checking all my adsense accounts and realised i have been gettin a few uniques from a specific blog i built back in 2007.

    Now problems starts here...

    it was a dark BH blog which aint been taken down.. but i added adsense on it..

    i traced it back to a blog i built but can not remember my username or password.. neither do i recognise the email address i used to register that account so the forgot password option is out of option..

    How could i get back in access to this blog..?

    if i email blogger would they reveal a few more characters maybe in the email address which i may recall what it was?

    or how can i shut it down?

    worst of all... i mainly want to remove my adsense account from it...

    obv blogger and adsense owned by same people... so using adsense code wouldnt help would it? or maybe would they likely to even shut down my adsense for violation?

    any ideas would be greatly appreicated..