How to share to be seen by real people?

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by brianx, Jan 3, 2016.

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    I want an article to be read by real people. I paid people with thousands of followers to share my tweet by their twitter account, but no success (no retweet or traffic). Their followers do not look fake, but they are not useful.

    What is the best way to share a good story in twitter to become viral (real re-tweets) when you do not have a big twitter account.
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    Aside from advertising, there's not much you can do.

    Unless you come up with some very click bait content like Kendall Jenner sex scandal or something, it will be difficult for you to just get that "viral" effect you're hoping for.

    You can try and find an actual influencer to share your content. Network and try to build connections.

    So yeah, it's not as easy and instant as you were hoping for.
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    I would try to diagnose what went wrong. It could any of several possibilities:

    -Their followers are not active. Could be fake followers, could be "real" followers gained through some of the follow-for-follow sites, etc.
    -Their followers are active, but they're not interested in your topic. You bought retweets from an account in the wrong niche.
    -Your content is not interesting. It's not good content, or it isn't packaged well -- with an interesting headline.

    If you have interesting content and you buy retweets from a truly active account in your niche, I'd think you should see some traffic to your link.
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    find and analyze relevant hashtags with and ritetag, you can generate traffic with 0 followers, if you get your hashtags right and your tweet can be found via twitter search

    ritetag is a really great tool, it tells you exactly what to do when you write your tweet on the fly, see:


    in short: you want to include not more than two relevant hashtags (one blue and one green, no red), include a link, upload an image, (use emojis) and mind retweetability, don't write too long tweets, the ideal tweet length is between 70 and 100 characters

    i'm getting a significant part of my traffic from twitter search and not the followers

    i have a pretty much dormant twitter account with 140k followers, if you take a look at it, it's like an everyday account with 80% real followers, but in fact, i haven't really did anything with it in the last 2 years, all the followers came from back then, mostly from follow-unfollow method, once it was above 210k, now if you were to purchase a retweet on this account just by looking at the numbers and the followers, more than likely you wouldn't get the expected results, so my point is that you can't really know what you're buying until you see the results, when it's already too late

    i think with only a single account without followers, you won't really be able to do real "damage", you may want to use a hundred accs or so, purchase a few domains, proxies, a bot and you're good to go, follow targeted people, write your tweets keeping in mind the pointers i mentioned above, this way you won't rely on others and it will yield better results than purchasing rewteets from accounts you don't know and don't really know what to expect
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    One of my blog post was shared by a Spanish influencer with just 1.5k followers, I got 150-200 unique views just from it. I guess the people you paid are not influential.
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    You can find genuine accounts that have high followers and purchase from them.

    There's many sites to do this.