How to setup new office?

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    Jul 17, 2008
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    I'm starting up a small office of 20 employees to focus on SEO and internet marketing. I need to know how to arrange the management structure and specialization of employees to do the work.

    We'll be interested in all forms of internet marketing, including:
    facebook and other social network site spamming and marketing
    wordpress and blog spamming with xrummer and other softwares
    creating linkwheels, doorway pages, autoblogs, etc
    manual comment writing in blogs and forums

    Can anyone suggest how I should arrange my employees time and management structure? What job descriptions to create? What software I'll need?

    I'm new to SEO and most of these marketing methods, and will be learning along with my employees.

    I could trade some of my employees time for software, training, and management.