How to set up a physical membership site that inregrates with some type of CRM?

Discussion in 'Membership Sites' started by krzysiekz, Aug 25, 2012.

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    Hi guys,

    I want to set up a membership site where users visit the website --> buy membership --> membership card arrives in the mail.

    I know how to sort out everything else from credit card processing to having the appropriate virtual terminal in place, so that I can charge cards.

    The only thing I am a little confused on is what type of platform is best for this type of operation. I want to be able to design a nice looking site that will take down all details of the custom (for the purposes of making their membership card and knowing which address to mail it to) and then store this information somewhere in a database.

    I need it to be stored in some type of functional database so that I can easily see all of my customers and their details. It will also help when the annual membership is about to expire, I will be able to easily and efficiently call up all 'about to expire' members and offer to renew. Basically, I have little knowledge in customer relationship managers (CRMs) but this sounds like something a CRM can or will do.

    Does anyone know, is it hard to integrate this type of thing with CRMs? Would it be easier to make a site in Wordpress for this? Or do you think somehow to modify Magento and use it's inbuilt functionality of orders as well as export customer data into a CRM?

    I like Magento because it has a lot of functionaltiy and things like that, but if possible I would like to avoid it as it is seems a fairly complex system for what I require.

    Any thoughts?
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    DAP then do a mini mod to the script for membership card print out et al