How To Sell Anything To Anyone - 10 Practical Examples

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    so you think you can't make money? think that it's really hard to market and sell stuff??

    well, the thing is that you can sell anything to anybody if you market a product in the right way. You can literally pick up the dirt in your back yard and call it miracle soil...and somebody out there will rush to their phone, credit card in hand.

    Case in point:

    Example #1 - How to Sell A Toothbrush.

    Example #2 - How to Sell A Teddy bear for $14

    Example #3 - How To Sell 3 Pens for $30.

    Example 4 - How to a piece of plastic for $20

    Example 5 - How to sell a smaller piece of plastic for $55

    Example 6 - How to Sell a Chair for $300

    Example 7 - How to Sell Deodorant for $14

    Example 8 - How to Sell A Piece of Metal for $40

    Example 9 - How to sell a piss jug for $45

    Example 10 - How to sell a people who want to run outdoors

    Now, you might look at all of these examples and laugh thinking, 'who in the world would buy any of these products?' But the thing is that people HAVE bought these items......

    it doesn't matter if YOU would never buy a particular product....what matters are the PEOPLE WHO WILL buy.....

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