How to secure ads being in top positions?

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    Hi guys,

    this questions seems quite basic for me, but I can not find a satisfying answer. Since I would describe my AdWords abilities as quite newbish, I hope you can give me some advice.

    It is my goal to secure that my ads are always shown on the top spots. So is there a best practice in automating this demand?

    At the moment I select all my keywords at once and edit the cpc for all of them to the option which says, that they are shown in top position.

    I can imagine that there are better ways to automate adwords biddings.

    Could you help me out?
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    Ads are ranked based on a simple formula: bid times Quality Score.

    If you have an average QS of 5, to consistently rank in the top position, you need to bid at least twice as much as those with a QS of 10. This means of course you'd pay about twice as much as they do. So it's a compromise.

    The ideal is to improve your ads to get a better QS. This way, you don't need to change your bids. For the same bid, as your QS improves, you move up the rankings and your CPC might go down.

    You cannot guarantee you'll always be in top spot but you can be there more often than not. This depends on competitors who you should assume are also trying to improve their QS and changing bids. It's a moving target. The Adwords system also mixes things up for its own purposes and there are checks and balances. Even if you outbid competitors by a large factor, your ads would not show in first place 100% of the time. You can be there most of the time but not with an average or mediocre QS. You need to be 8 and above.
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