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How to screw your SERP competition out of their SERP position.

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by rnc505, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. rnc505

    rnc505 Regular Member

    Oct 28, 2008
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    You are ranked #2 for the main keyword of your website. The number one spot is really attainable, but you just cannot get it... Your getting thousands of uniques, but you know that the top spot is getting 10x that. You want it so bad you are willing to use BlackHat Tactics. Well, heres how to get the top spot guy moved down and even removed from the first/second/and even third page.

    See everyone knows Google bases your position based on the quantity and quality of links to your website. And we know that the big G penalizes links if it thinks that a link is paid for or sponsored in anyway. And there is no way for Google to know if you paid for a link or someone is sabotaging your ranking. Now you know the gist of what I'm trying to get across. Now there are many courses of action. Google search "*your keyword* directories" and purchase a paid link on one of these directories. Or you could take a free approach.

    TNX.net is run by a member of DP, you can buy or obtain (I'll explain this later) credits to use to either sell back to TNX.net or pay for links. So you can earn some chaching while DESTROYING YOUR COMPETITION!

    Now if you have website is PR 1+, you will NOT have to invest anything although it may take between 1 months - 2 months before you accumulate enough points to truly do sabotage, unless you have 20+ pr1+ pages. If you want immediate action, you will have to buy points (5,000 points = $10 | 13,750 points = $25, it isn't cheap). You'll want 3,000 - 6,000 points. Here's there points to PR links scale:

    PR 0 = 1 TNX-Point = $0.0017
    PR 1 = 45 TNX = $0.077
    PR 2 = 80 TNX = $0.136
    PR 3 = 160 TNX =$0.27
    PR 4 = 400 TNX =$0.65
    PR 5 = 1,000 TNX = $1.7
    PR 6 = 3,000 TNX = $5.1
    PR 7 = 10,000 TNX = $17

    And that is for 1 month. you are going to want atleast 1 or 2 PR 4+ links or 5 - 10 PR 2/3 or a lot PR 1..... you DO NOT WANT PR 0, as there is no point.


    Okay.... learn to use the site, get points and now you have 5,000 points or so to spend.

    1) Click "Create a new Campaign"
    2) Fill in the nonimportant stuff
    3) For YB (Yahoo! Backlinks) - Choose the last 4 only...
    4) For Google PR - Choose which PRs you want (I SUGGEST 3,4,5,6,7 only)
    5) I suggest you check ALL categories and Languages as this will make your link seem out of place when we alert the big G. If you campaign gets rejected, choose only the language of the actual site and you should be fine.
    6) Don't worry about the calculation or budget thing.
    7) Go to the next page.
    8) Now you will have to generate a whole bunch of possible links. Go the the advanced with generator. Make a whole bunch, and make sure the actual link part has the main keyword that they rank for.
    9) The next part you have to rank where you want your links based on your PR, Language, Category, and YB choices.... and you should have a LOT. But TNX makes it really easy. Look for something that says "Number of links:" with an input box next to it. Put a number 2 - 5 in there and it will add that number to all of the categoric combinations.... keep it a relatively low number. Don't worry about the Additional Settings at the bottom and create the campaign....
    10) Within 72 hours they will either accept or reject your campaign. If you were accepted go to the next item, if you were rejected, see why the rejected you and start over the create a new campaign process.
    11) Now.. within a few days, you will start to get links. CONGRATS you are almost done. After you max out how many points you have (also remember that the prices are renewed monthly so you have 1month to finish this), look at the link with the highest PR, YB prefereably a category that your site DOESN'T BELONG TO and maybe in another language (a great combo, if your site is pc/tech and your best link is a Russian Construction website).
    12) Now copy and paste that link and enter it in your browser to see if you can find your link..... If you see it grouped around a whole bunch of other links that make it look out of place, this is 100% perfect, if it pretty much blends except its topic is out of place, this is 95% perfect.
    13) Go to the Google Webmaster Central website. (if you don't already have an account, get one). Go to WebMaster Tools. On the right hand side you will see:

    Message Center

    No messages

    Talk to Google

    Report spam in our index

    Report paid links

    Click Report paid links.

    14) For website selling links, type "I don't know" or some variant.
    15) For website buying links, type the URL you want to destroy from the rankings.
    16) In additional details, say how you found this "tech/pc/category" related site on a "Russian construction website" I was reading and it looks really out of place and is definitely a paid link because I know that link exchanges are done by similar websites, but this looks like some weird mass, automated paid link type thing... or something along the lines of that.... be convincing.
    17) Wait 72 hours.
    18) SAY HELLO TO NUMERO UNO position!

    Hope you guys enjoyed my ranting.... I can't take full credit. There was a thread on here a while ago about link sabotage but it involved buying links from directories, which does work, but I put a *FREE* spin on it.

    Have Fun and Good Luck!
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  2. trakker

    trakker Newbie

    Jan 5, 2009
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    If only it were so easy.

    Big G doesn't kill a site because there are suspicious links pointing TO it. They will probably discount the links. And may slap the SITE THE LINKS APPEARED ON. But not the receiving site.

    At least not when I tried it :D
  3. rnc505

    rnc505 Regular Member

    Oct 28, 2008
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    Then report 2+ different links from two different google emails and then they will think... hmmm... what is going on
  4. Sweetfunny

    Sweetfunny Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
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    ScrapeBox v2.0
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    Of course they do, i've seen thousands of sites totally de-indexed or hit with minus penalties just from links pointing to it.