how to safely use fast rss and bookmarking wiz?..thanks will be given

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    Ok, so i'm about to use these tools for a blogger blog that I have and my questions are as follows.

    1. with fast submit why do i need to use proxies if I'm just submitting my feed to the 100 or so sites? I mean this is my blog coming from my proxy I don't get what the problem is??

    2. how often can i submit the same blog page feed? once per day..once per week??

    3. should i create a new feed for each new blog post and submit it??

    the reason why i ask is i have adsense for feed set up and i don't want to fuck up my account

    basically all of the same questions apply to bookmarking wiz.....I'm thinking using proxies only appies if i want to make it look like people other than me are submitting my sites???