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How to run Xrumer more then once

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by TinyHulk, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. TinyHulk


    Feb 8, 2009
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    I thought I'd share this interesting conversation :)

    Assoc_1: your welcome dude. Thanks for sharing your DBs too
    Assoc_2: yeah, when increase mine i'll let you know
    Assoc_2: i'm still getting the hang of things
    Assoc_2: did you manage to setup virtual machines to run xrumer on multiple computers?
    Assoc_1: hey
    Assoc_1: no I haven't looked into it
    Assoc_1: have you?
    Assoc_2: i have, it works
    Assoc_1: how do you do it?
    Assoc_1: so you're telling me you can run one copy on more than two PCs?
    Assoc_2: yeah
    Assoc_2: or 10 PC's
    Assoc_1: wow
    Assoc_1: how does it work?
    Assoc_2: download VMWare
    Assoc_2: Create a virtual machine
    Assoc_2: install the operating system and all that
    Assoc_2: install XRUMER and HREFER
    Assoc_2: it attaches the license to that virtual machine ID
    Assoc_2: then you just copy that virtual machine and paste it in to a new folder
    Assoc_2: open it and when it asks you if you copied **it or moved it
    Assoc_2: you say you moved it
    Assoc_2: so it keeps the same hardware ID
    Assoc_2: to XRUMER it all looks like the same computer
    Assoc_1: wow
    Assoc_1: didn't know that would actually work
    Assoc_1: but it makes sense
    Assoc_1: "copy the virtual machine then paste it"
    Assoc_2: like
    Assoc_1: you mean copy the machine profile
    Assoc_1: to use on
    Assoc_1: another computer running VMWare?
    Assoc_2: My Documents/My Virtual Machines/Virtual Machine 1
    Assoc_2: copy all the files in to
    Assoc_2: Virtual Machine 2
    Assoc_2: and move it to a new computer
    Assoc_2: open it up in VMware
    Assoc_1: ahh I see
    Assoc_2: just create 1 basic virtual machine image
    Assoc_2: save the file folder
    Assoc_1: that's sweet
    Assoc_2: and install VMware on all your machines
    Assoc_2: open it up in vmware
    Assoc_2: yep
    Assoc_2: =)
    Assoc_1: how well does it run on VMWare?
    Assoc_2: VMWare is extremely stable
    Assoc_2: it's what i run XRUMER on
    Assoc_2: my machines are all core2quad with 8gigs of RAM tho
    Assoc_2: XRUMER can run with only 1 GIG of assigned virtual memory
    Assoc_2: but i would recommend more
    Assoc_1: nice
    Assoc_1: do you run VMWare on Win Server 2003?
    Assoc_2: my machines i bought come with vista premium
    Assoc_2: but it would run fine on server 2003 if you're using a remote access machine
    Assoc_1: cool

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  2. cooooookies

    cooooookies Senior Member

    Oct 6, 2008
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    Nice share.

    I am however not so lucky with vmware and my machine is very unstable (win guest, linux host). This is, why I bought now a dedicated with windows.

    And one addition: whatever you do (nat, bridged), you will use more than one public IP, and botmaster eventually will note that. So, you would also have to setup some routing/vpn/whatever to ensure only one IP is visible. This is extremely time-consuming.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2010
  3. BLabs

    BLabs Regular Member Premium Member

    Oct 28, 2009
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    Xrumer sends a log every X minutes to botmaster's servers with info about on how many PC's it's running in same time... and u can easy be banned for this... )))
  4. Terry Wang

    Terry Wang Newbie

    Apr 9, 2011
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    I think they sent the same info to botmaster