How to ruin relationships in the AM World

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    Really nice article ,worth reading.


    I should call this an affiliate marketing rant. This is how you screw up possible relationships that could yield thousands of dollars in the long run.

    In the affiliate marketing
    world something that's many times undervalued is networking. It is also overrated by some people who think networking is just going out for drinks, but that's another story.
    I'm just here to remind you that this is a real business, being
    ran by real people and not only geeks behind their computers. Real people love networking with the right guys and that's what you should be aiming to do too.
    Killing relationships before starting

    I've seen so many people asking the wrong questions from the beginning that it seems like they have forgotten their manners behind the computer.
    They are basically destroying the bridges before making them. And it seems it happens a lot because new people in this industry have forgotten the importance of networking and also the importance of time.
    Let's see an example of how I might block someone on Skype within the first 3 minutes:
    Contact has added you on Skype.
    Contact: Hello
    Me: Hi. What's up?
    Contact: Please sir what offer is best to make money?
    Me: Well, it depends a lot on what you're running and where. That question is difficult to answer.
    Contact: I just need money so please tell me pls
    Me: Where did you find my contact information? I can help if you've got a more specific answer, but that's a very wide question that can't be answered without more information.
    Contact: can I see your landing page and traffic source?
    Me: ... No
    Contact: why do people who earn money don't want to share information with rest? they are so bad people who don't like others to succeed.
    Me: ...
    *Me: Clicks button to delete contact and goes back to work
    Do I really need to explain what went wrong here?
    When you're looking to get some insider's info from an affiliate or any other person who has experience in the area you want to learn, the best thing you can do is to develop a relationship. You never know when a couple tips could help you earn thousands of money (if you take action). But if you're approaching people like the conversation above, you're going to be blocked everywhere.
    Remember this is a
    win win combination. You either pay somebody to coach you (good coaching isn't cheap) or you either develop a friendship that could last forever. Both ways are fine. In fact, you can pay for knowledge and at the same time develop that relationship, but don't go retard and ask all the wrong questions since the beginning or you'll end up without resourceful contacts.
    I have received emails, Facebook messages, Skype messages and even forum private messages like the one shown above at least a 100 times this year. You wouldn't believe how many people just add me and shot their questions without even asking if I'm available or introducing themselves.
    Last month I deleted 200 contacts from Skype who added me but never asked anything and I didn't know who they were.
    If you're trying to get some valuable
    information the first thing you should do is introduce yourself and show respect for the time other people dedicate to talk to you.
    Try to be quick and specific when you ask things. Don't go around in circles writing long paragraphs if there's no need for it.
    Good Example:
    Hey Servando. Thanks for adding me back. I found your contact in X forum and I see you're experienced in X niche and X traffic sources. My name is Contact 2 and I've been running X offers for a couple months without success.
    I'm not going to bombard you with questions and I know you're a busy guy.
    Hopefully I'll learn something from you. Your case study/success story/guide/whatever helped me get started and it was great.
    I have some experience in X area and I'm very good at programming. If you ever need help with code, don't hesitate to let me know.
    See? I'll definitely add a guy who respects my time and is willing to give me a hand whenever I need it. Later if he asks something specific I might be able to give him some feedback based on my experience.
    Make sure your question is specific and detailed as possible so you get an answer instead of more questions back.
    Don't ask: Hey, which traffic source is the best? or What offers make more money?
    Instead, ask something specific like: I'm running Facebook traffic and haven't found a profitable campaign yet. What are the best verticals to get started and test if I have a $20 per day budget?
    Google is your friend

    If you're picking up the brain of somebody who knows more than you, don't ask super basic questions that can be answered by Google.
    I always try to avoid asking questions unless it's really something that I know I won't find in blogs/forums/etc. or something that's pretty much underground.
    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I have seen lately and it all makes me think people just don't do their homework before asking someone else:

    • What does CTR/EPC/CPM/etc. means?
    • Do you know how to display custom tokens in my landing page?
    • Do you have the dynamic tokens of X popular network?
    • What's the difference between a VPS and a Dedicated?
    The list keeps growing every month...
    I mean, if you're in a mastermind with people in the same level that's fine. You'll grow quicker and the questions will be answered for everyone. But if you're asking an affiliate because you know he's got experience and then you fire a question that can be answered by Google you're losing your time and his time.
    I mean, come on... Affiliate marketing and the whole thing about being
    entrepreneur is about self education. If you're going to ask something that takes me 3 seconds to search on Google I will think you have no interest on learning by yourself.
    I'll tell you to look on Google or I'll give you the first result from Google and will tell you where I found it so you know it was that easy.
    Again, Google is your friend. Learn how to do research on your own and save the best questions for masterminds or mentors.
    Don't forget your managers

    Same thing applies to your managers. Both at traffic sources and CPA networks. They are really people and they get paid on commissions.
    Just because you can earn money by working at home and being 12 hours per day in front of the computer it doesn't mean you don't need to be social and friendly.
    Introduce yourself, make jokes, ask if he's doing alright, etc.
    Managers aren't just people who approve offers and give pay bumps. They have problems too and they also have holidays and friends/family. Find something to share with them and grow the relationship the same way a sales manager from any company would develop relationships with his clients or providers.
    Don't make it all about you

    Finally, this is important. If you're just asking questions to benefit yourself and you're never giving something back you're doing it wrong.
    There are also guys who practically know it all and they just keep talking about how awesome they are and how good they are at what they do. You can brag a few times, but be a gentleman and be honest too. Nobody is perfect and you can always learn from someone else.
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    This is so true. If you are making a lot of money, expect a lot of basic questions...
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    Affiliate Marketer
    I get quite a few requests to look at stuff. Help out, advise maybe. Normally I'll do it, but it's just not possible to answer all of the requests. Certain times of the year I'll get several each day (other times I get nothing for a week).
    Helping is fine, as long as the people asking for help aren't

    a) Deluded about their position, website or approach
    b) Understand that what I offer is my opinion and that other people may not agree with me
    c) Not just plain fecking rude if I say something they don't like (Typically.. this is "Sorry mate, your website needs some real work on it" and the person asking for help will take it personally and start ranting about how brilliant their website is and how many hundred hours they spent on it.

    Helping out is one thing. Doing the work for someone who is just plain rude or ungrateful is a step too far.
    Luckily, most people who have been active members on this forum for a few months are good as gold.

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    Pretty good read, especially for new guys with a million questions. :D And man I feel bad for people like Scritty above me. You only have so much time in a day. I love helping people but you can only do so much.

    It's best to limit the time you spend on Skype. I find it really hard to juggle it while I'm trying to work on projects.
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    *palmface* Seriously? He asked for their landing page and traffic source?

    Networking is so valuable in this business, but people have zero manners nowadays. You're not entitled to anything, including my help. So just be respectful. It's not that hard. It's just common sense.
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    Enjoyed reading this. I'll send your thread when someone asks me dumb questions on Skype again.
    Thanks :D
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    great article ...networking and relationships are important in our IM business

    cheers -amoon-
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    great! that's the actual reality....a lot of people don't even take IM seriously...they think of it as some kind of game...really good article!
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    CEO of my own business
    Great Thread, Loved reading it! Everything you said is true actually, 2 years ago I used to be that guy but now I am working on building relationship with people who does the same work as I do in IM.

    Moral of the story: Make new friends and build relationships with people you meet across forums. Don't ruin your relationship or you'll be on your own in IM.
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    Bookmarked this thread and will send it for sure if anyone will ask me question about Affiliate marketing.