How to research and select the affiliate product?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by bhjayalaxmi, Dec 12, 2015.

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    How to research and select the affiliate product? How can i know which is hot product in market:
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    All are Most selling product in market, you should Target One topic and Make A Excel shit and find How many people search in online, How many sell on those particular market and competition.
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    Have a quick check in the amazon best sellers section, its more than likely most things you see there are too high competition but you can maybe gauge a market you could sell in. You can then dive into it once you know the market has alot of potential with sales and try to find a few products in different ways such as :

    1) Type in a general broad term that covers your market into keyword tools such as google keyword planner, longtail pro, keyword shitter etc to see what suggestions you get
    2) Type your term into google search but dont hit enter just to see what suggestions it brings up - you can then expand the proccess using some of the suggestions you get here
    3) Search some forums/boards related to your market to see what people are talking about and discussing see if you can pick anything out
    4) Just have a browse around websites to see what products are best-selling at the minute on places such as aliexpress, ebay etc (obv take into consideration trends, seasonal stuff etc)

    Keep a spreadsheet open and just add anything you think has potential from your searches to it, then once your list looks respectable just plug the product terms into a keyword tool mentioned above and check for decent search volumes (stick to low-med search volumes if your just starting out in affiliate marketing) and low competition. Also to find a good product just use your head a bit, there are markets that have stuff that will always be in endless demand for example people are always going to be moving house, using beauty products and looking after their pets.

    This was just a brief example to spark some ideas and get your wheels going for you if you're struggling to find a product, you can make this research as interesting or as boring as you want, anyway hope you found a few ideas.