How to remove the unnatural links?


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Dec 3, 2013
Hi guys, I just want to know are there any services can help to remove the unnatural links? I've got lots of unnatural links which were told by google.
Some website demanded money for removing your links, that's why Google facilities Disavow Tool for Webmaster. We should follow guidelines(First send removal request, wait, checked the site removed your links or not) then its your final step to submit disavow, reconsideration request. If you add that Good back-links in disavow through which you got ranked, you may drop more in Google SERPs. so it wants more cautions and experience to send reconsideration request.
I assume that means you received a penalty? Google won't remove a penalty by using the disavow tool. You'll need to actually try and remove the links.

There are services that can help you do this like or you can try and do it yourself. For my clients that have received a penalty I just outsource the work and charge them accordingly.

If you do it yourself you will need to access all of your links in webmaster tools and the other link trackers like Then you will need to send the removal notices and follow ups and track everything.

Then when you file a reconsideration request you will need to show Google you tried to remove the unnatural links.
There are many services available now like link delete. They contact the webmasters of those sites and request them to delete those links. You can do this yourself as well. Or simply disavow to wmt.
Here's what you can do: Determine the bad links, reach out to webmasters for link removal (we know most of them won't reply) and disavow bad Links.
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