How to remove search results from someone else website.


Feb 28, 2024
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Hi Guys

Recently, a defamatory post surfaced on a community website, accusing us of engaging in fraudulent activities without providing any evidence. Despite our efforts to address the issue with the website owner, the defamatory content remains, tarnishing our reputation built over 13 years of honest business practices. We've exhausted our options with the website owner and are now seeking advice on how to mitigate the impact of such damaging allegations on our online presence and reputation. Any insights or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

That is ranking on google, so we are losing our business because the search result coming coming over when someone search company name + reviews. now i want to remove that result from google, however i have tried to contact google etc, but nothing happened. also contacted to website owners that the person who posted that all the things are false, there is no proof but he is not listening to us
I think you posted this in the wrong section mate.
Hm, what a weird concept they are running on that site.

I'm not getting into your story OP, you either deserve to get there or not, but...

Anyone can write what they want for any website and that will just stay there, no matter what, true or not.

OP, try to contact the person who posted it, of course, if you know who has done that.

If you are legit and I know you are legit, non scam websites and their mostly fake info will not change my mind, same goes for other direction.

Wish you all the best.
If it is from the same country with you, you can make a lawsuit against them and whatever profit you would otherwise have, they pay because of false accusations .
I'm sorry to hear about the defamatory content affecting your business,first give a try for contacting the website owner to remove it. If that doesn't work, seek legal advice to explore your option. In between focus on promoting positive content about your business through social media and encourge happy customers to leave good reviews.
Only Google can take down pages that are already indexed
Your best bet is to report asap
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