How to regain Instagram Engagement


Feb 10, 2018
I took a break for about a month because of personal matters and couldn't be posting on my accounts very much. Before I took the break my engagement was okay, I have 3 accounts (20k, 13k, 15k) before break they were getting 1k, 800, 500 likes respectively, now I barely get 300, 300, 200. Does anyone have tips for boosting my engagement back up, i have started botting again and am growing at about 150 followers per day but not getting the engagement I once was.
block inactive followers and then the engagement % will go up.
You can also DM the inactive followers and remind them they are following you. (seems like the better option)
You can also like/comment on your followers latest posts
Give it some time, after coming back after a long break your engagement is bound to go down. Keep posting for 1-2 weeks engaging posts etc. If still not work start blocking inactives and post good stuff on story. Then select the rest followers and have bot to start liking their pictures, this really helps with engagement.
Get shoutouts from similar but big insta accounts and block inactive followers
1 .Start Conversations with Instagram Stories Stickers
2 . Write Longer Captions
3 .Optimize Every Instagram Story You Post
4 . Schedule Your Instagram Stories to Get More Views
5 . Open Up About Your Brand and Business
6 . Pay Closer Attention to Your Hashtags
7 . Collaborate with Like-Minded Brands and Influencers
8 . Add an Element of Fun
9 .Reply to your DMs
I see this time and time again , with recent changes and with all of the changes that have been occurring it will continue to get worse to increase organic reach. Its just like SEO if a bunch of people are competing for a "keyword" it becomes harder to rank for that keyword, Hashtags are the same as a keyword in fact they are the same , as more and more people come to the platform and more and more people compete for hashtags and space on the platform it becomes harder to achieve organic reach.
So what can you do :
Post more consistently
2. Post videos and more stories , video , video , video
3. Keep changing hashtags around but do not stuff to get a winning combination
4. Jump on IGTV its untapped :)
5. Look at analytics and check and see when "your core followers" are enjoying your content at what times , then post at those times to jump engagement rate and signal to the algo you have quality content so it actually is seen by other people.

Hope this helps some , at least you're in the right place to get help BHW members are some of the best in the business.
I think interaction with own followers would remind them they are following you
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