How to reach in any intruder who tried to enter any application on your phone

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    Phone lock password or pattern, or fingerprint of the important things ... and that prevents hackers from entering your phone also protects your privacy dramatically, today will Eshrarkkm one of the most popular protection applications and the most successful one, which exceeded the number of Thmellath on PlayStation Store download Al100.000.000 .[​IMG]
    Expresses CM Security implements one of the best existing protection applications on the PlayStation Store shop, he is not a specialist in the protection of applications with passwords but also this application also prevents you from entering sites that contain adult content or pornographic content as the Bmkavh and test your phone from viruses and malicious files and many characteristics and features that are available to this application as (system examination, examination of the memory card, call blocking, browsing security, determine the location of your phone in case of theft ........).

    And now I will show you how to protect your applications and the pattern of shooting anyone who tried to open it:

    First - Download the application from the PlayStation Store shop[​IMG]
    Second - after the download is completed, press the icon applock the bottom of the application[​IMG]
    Third - Select the applications that you want to protect then press to protect[​IMG]
    Fourth - Write a pattern of your choice twice[​IMG]
    Fifthly - and then it tells that the application will inform the public of information about the applications you are clicking on Ok[​IMG]
    Sixth - then go to Settings, then scroll down to the screen lock intruder selfie option in order to portray anyone who tried to open apps[​IMG]
    Seventh - Press the Back button and then press the hide private to the application of no notifications you receive only from Facebook or Alwatsab .......[​IMG]

    Eighth - if you want to see pictures of those who tried to open applications then go to the Intruder selfie will show you all the pictures of people who have tried to open applications[​IMG]

    And this is one of the images of people who have tried to open my applications, the top tells you the name of the application you tried prying the hole and down the name of the application is no history image capture

    There is also something special and wonderful in this application is that as you link your email with the application, all the images that are portrayed send to your email automatically