How to reach an audience in 2k15? Facebook End?

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by kakizito, May 20, 2014.

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    This is an opinion post and I would love to see your views regarding this subject.

    Everywhere I see a facebook page discussion I see people complaining more and more how their organic reach is decreasing day by day. It reachs now only about 6% of the audience. Lots of people complaining their 1Mil. fan pages or business pages updates only get to about a couple thousand fans.

    Some might blame facebook and their greed on this so you buy ads or impulse your posts, but I think it's kind of a natural thing that comes with saturation and that leads to the end of something.

    Likes were a great innovation to sort out what people like, but if you consider that an average person has now arround 1.500 news updates per day in their feeds, coming from their thousands of friends and hundreds of page likes and groups, you will find this end inevitable. From their stats there are people with 15.000 daily updates.

    People will eventualy get tired. Their feed increases but time to read don't. It happens to me I can't find what I want to see in my feed because there is to many things. Marketeers on the other end will start - and I can see it in lots of big pages by now - to become frustrated because their updates can't compete with the imense number of updates of others pages for the user attention.

    This will, in my opinion, lead to Facebook end and the emergence of the next big thing.

    What's your insight on this? What will be the best way to keep in contact with your fans/visits/audience in the future? Facebook did this very well in the past and lots of people stoped building their mailing list in favor of facebook likes as they though this would last forever, do you think that mail lists will always be the best to "keep in touch"?
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    In Turkey in recent times news websites makes a better promotion than FB. People are not willing to pay FB for ads. Ä°f FB does not do anything it will die in Turkey soon.
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    quality mail lists will always be /\ and you can make money from them and same people over and over again if know what doing..
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    Try interactive posts. I can't reveal more what it is working for me.
    I have some coming down cause I hasn't post for the last 3 days.
    The key is to post interesting and highly interactive post everyday.

    In that way you are optimizing your ad spend too.

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