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How To Rank With Keywords And Make Money With Your Blog/Page/Amazon Store

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by tunescool, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. tunescool

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    Jul 23, 2011
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    Here's a demo of the amazon stores I'm using, the theme and the width and the way it looks is just basic but it's just an example

    You need to have a blog or just even a domain on a subject with a few posts that is gonna be seen by people searching for the exact keywords of the title and domain of your site, this is important.

    You can't just make any site and expect to make money. I have a Self Improvement blog, thats a huge keyword.

    If you do a search on google. And there are major sites that are always gonna be at the top of google for this keyword and others that are obvious and have that many results, you can't compete with 70 million sites. You're not gonna get any traffic.

    So you need to have a blog that revolves around a keyword that doesn't get that many searches a month and there's not alot of results for when doing a search for that keyword. If there's alot of searches for it each month, there's gonna be more competition.

    Find keywords in Google Keyword Planner that only have about 1000 searches each month, some more, some less it doesn't matter just go for it and try it. You're not gonna be a guaranteed money maker unless you just try.

    Have some affiliates or a store, an amazon store, people searching for your stuff are gonna wanna buy your stuff.

    I use the Wordpress plugin Prosociate. It makes some nice product pages and categories that link right to amazon when people buy stuff from your site, you don't deal with any sales or shipping, just make a commission.

    I've liked Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen for a long time, watched all of there shows on TV over and over again. I've had a celeb forum for years and they still are a part of my life everyday. They are something I know and can write about, I'm not good at sitting down and writing articles, I buy articles for my other blogs. Plus you don't even need that many articles, just some good stuff and a domain for people to get to your store and affiliates.

    They now are in the fashion industry and have 3 lines, an exclusive one that has products that sell for $50,000, a line made for JCPenney, and another that you can buy online and in stores too.

    So I want to find a keyword that people are searching for but not that many people are. Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen Clothing, Fashion are gonna be big keywords that I'm not gonna compete with.

    First step is to go to Google Keyword Planner. Go to the site and log in or sign up. On the first page open the search. Enter your keywords or a phrase in your niche, the title you want to use, your website, or a category from the dropdown. Then hit Get Ideas on the bottom.


    Hit Keyword Ideas not Adwords


    There's only 1000 searches a month for olsen fashion with Low Competition, I got a pretty good keyword. And you can go down the page and look for other keyword ideas.


    I'm gonna put the keyword in my title and get a domain with it in it too. Low competition, I got my keywords in the title and domain, I'm good to go, plus do alot of social media everyday, I get a ton of traffic everyday just from posting on social media. You have to get backlinks for google to respect your site and rank it higher as well. You have to have good backlinks from sites with high Page Rank.

    Read This - Backlinks From Sites In Your Niche

    I use Prosociate which you can download below to make stores, you need Woocommerce to use it and you can download that below too. The plugin is weird you set the settings to External/Affiliate in the settings to have your buyers just go to Amazon for everything but you have to choose that setting everytime you post products again.


    VirusTotal Results 0/66



    VirusTotal Results 0/66

    Here is a file with all the WooThemes and plugins courtesy of CyberAlien

    VirusTotal Results 0/66
    Take The Time To Make The Appearance Of Your Store Nice And Do The Seo For It

    Post your products, categorize them, and make any adjustments to the names of the products. Amazon titles are all over the place and you want to make them all look similiar and clean. Do the same for the names of the categories, and you can also remove or rename the category url in Edit Category, have permalinks set to Post in Settings.

    Go to Amazon and replace any product image that isnt definitive to what the product is so your stores product pages look nice. I use All In One Seo Pro which you can download below. You mite have to enter the License Key twice but it works. Do the SEO for every product and for every category at the bottom of each product and category. Put what you want at the top the browser heading to show and in the search engines, its exactly what people see when they see your site on google. The same for the description, put a description in there, plus google uses that information to rank your site, Do It For Every Product, Category, And Post On Your Blog. Add as many keywords as you can.

    If you don't take time to do the SEO for every page you aren't gonna get anywhere, it took me a long time time to learn that and get back to basics and take care of your stuff, like when you were a kid. It's fun too.

    All In One Seo Pro

    VirusTotal Results 0/66

    I have thread here on How To Optimize Your Articles For SEO, you have to do it for every article it's as important as the content,

    Submit your site to google and bing searches, get a sitemap, google analytics, bing webmaster, google webmaster.
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  2. whiteblackseo

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    Apr 11, 2015
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    Very informative, I like to reach out to competitor sites and offer them a testimonial for a link. I've got 6 links out of the top 23. Still 6 high pa links.
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    Dec 21, 2012
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    A very nice guide OP, I'm sure it will help lots of people.

    Heyyy, I do that to :D

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    Bookmarked Will read it soon
    Thanks OP
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    Aug 4, 2015
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    thank you for this information