How to rank with hundred of thousands of sub pages?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by elcorp, Dec 21, 2013.

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    Let's say I got a brand new website (1 month) which has about 500k sub pages. Let's assume they are all product pages or similar so they all rank on very different long tail keywords. All pages are indexed in google but the page gets sandboxed (or algorithm slapped or however you would call it) because it ranks on too many pages and drives brings too much traffic without any proper links/authority/seo done.

    Some questions I'd have:
    • How can one make a page like that strong enough so it gets out of the "sandbox"? Would it be enough to make the startpage strong and authoritative so it passed that authority down to also rank the sub pages?
    • If that's not enough and I need to build links for the sub pages as well, how many of the subpages do I need to target? Like 20%, 50%, 80%?
    • Is it necessary to have a link to every subpage from the startpage, maybe via a sitemap with several subpages to actually pass the authority of the root domain down to the subpages or will it go there as long as the site is indexed by google via an xml sitemap?
    • Would it better to start slowly with such a page with maybe some 5k sub pages and later add more when the site has more authority?
    • Regarding link building: Should I just throw some High-PR links at it or should I work more with web2.0?
    • Is there any paid "I cover everything important" SEO services out there which can help me building an authority site like the one I need to rank me on these different sub pages by slowly building a natural link profile? Not sure if that's allowed by the forum rules but any shameless plugs by people who believe they can seriously help me here would be appreciated. I would be interested in a long term partnership with a white-hatted focus.

    I hope the questions are not to newbeeish but I could not find them answered anywhere in the forums. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    It depends on what are you trying to rank for.. If you're trying to get it all, plenty of pages targeting competitive keywords, you ain't gonna make it unless you go the super black hat way and spam away.

    Sites with hundreds of pages get lots of LONGTAIL traffic - that's what you should aim for, at first. You get that by building good, strong links to the homepages and other sub pages/categories. Now, strong backlinks doesn't mean "high pr backlinks" -> that's BS and the links will be gone in a matter of months, and if you're subscribing for 'em you'll get in debt before you start making any money.

    So how do you get "high pr" links yourself? Just get links from big sites, they have a juicy homepage and the "pr" flows to the internal pages as well. Take a big site, choose 100 old pages and run a PR check with scrapebox, you'll see what I mean.

    How to get links from them? Get creative :)
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    Sounds like you need to have a think about site structure too, with that many pages your site is crying out for a decent silo structure.