How to rank video youtube on first page and top?

Apr 25, 2017
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How to rank video youtube on first page and top?
Anybody can help me some ideas?
There isn't a guaranteed way to rank in the number 1 position every time, however it's typically not difficult to rank in the top 10 results on YouTube for low-medium competition keywords using simple botting strategies.

You need to be botting good quality high retention views, alongside a proportionate number of likes and comments. If the top 3 search results for your videos keyword have say 5000 views, 30 comments, and 200 likes, you'll need to bot at least that to overtake them; if you bot 10000 views, 300 likes, and 50 custom comments you should be golden. Do some research into drip feeding botted services, the unlisted method, etc. and perform your own tests to find out how to optimize your ranking strategy.

You do need to have a good video if you want it to hold its ranking; if you're initial botted views are averaging 90% retention then the organic views you get from search traffic is below 10% because your video is extremely low quality, it'll be soon move down the rankings as the algorithm will know that people think your video is shit due to the watch time.

If you're trying to rank for relatively low competition keywords where the top videos only have a few hundred or thousand views, you might be able to overtake them by using organic promotion for an initial view and engagement boost (without botting). You could post your video in appropriate Reddit subreddits, on Voat, Steemit, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube related forums, etc.

To rank above someone's video, focus on getting more views and engagement then them in the first 1-3 days of your video going live, and have good on page seo that specifically targets the keyword you want to rank for. Go get 'em!
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