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How to Rank on G [ Need Help ]

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by testyy, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. testyy

    testyy Regular Member

    Aug 6, 2013
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    Matt Cutts Office
    Hello fellow NHW members! I have used this forum before to get a general idea of on-line business and finally decided to try everything out.

    First of all I created a website to earn me money in the long-term. I don't have any HTML skills, so I used a software tool to do it ( not WordPress, but i'm thinking of switching to WordPress now ) My website is new ( 1 week old) and it is ranked page 4 on big G. I was targeting one particular keyword which gets 5000 exact searches. Other variations range from 2000-10000 exact searches. My website got approved by adsence a couple of days ago. I got 5-6 rejection emails saying my content is lacking text, so I had to add text to my pages. ( My website is about online tests - Just so you have an idea ) My online tests are in flash format which is not google friendly ( im not too sure about that , but im guessing so due to previous rejections from adsence ) My competitors have their tests in javascripts. I wrote a few articles on squidoo and google blogger and also included links on reddit to my website, but i only get 1-2 daily unique visitors. I have a adwords voucher which turns my £25 into £100 , for me to spend on my particular keyword, or should I stick to making articles? I will be updating my website each week adding my flash tests ( they save a lot of time because of the Software and ease of use ) . Or should I try to change the format of my tests to javascript? My target is to at least reach the bottom of page 1 to get some organic traffic in shortest time possible. If you need any additional info to help me please ask, and any help will be appreciated ! Thanks