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how to rank in Bing/Yahoo?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by super_power, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. super_power

    super_power Regular Member

    Dec 27, 2009
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    Hello, guys.
    Not a seo noob here, still need your opinions.
    I did some parasites on fb, bought some good sape links.
    I know that I can rank in bing and yahoo with just sape links.

    But the issue is that Bing is indexing them very slowly. I'd say it will take few months to get them indexed. Its so slow at indexing that I cant even compare it to google in this case.

    I want to index the links asap. I've built some xrumer profiles as tier 2 with xrumer, after building them I found that Bing is not indexing them at all also.

    So I plan on building some AA scrapebox comments, may be trackbacks.

    I have few questions.

    How do you get your links indexed in Bing?
    Please dont share some theory I only need real and not outdated methods that actually work for you.

    Another question is
    How to rank in Bing and yahoo without paid links?
    Shall I do Senuke? May be some Full Monty or other template?
    Shall I do GSA with tiers?
    Shall I do just some WEB 2.0's with FCS Networker?

    What is a way to rank fast actually?
    My main problem with Bing is that its not indexing the links and I am looking to get them indexed fast or build other links that get indexed faster.

    Please advice. I need real advices that are based on your experience, no theory, because I know all the theory.