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How to rank for EASY keywords with TONS of traffic(CPA and PPI method)

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Ztak07, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Ztak07

    Ztak07 Regular Member

    Jun 23, 2012
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    What you will need:

    *Domain(Like $3 for .com look for coupons)
    *Hosting(Preferable no DMCA/Offline)- $7 for hostgator 1 month. Use offshore if you are not going to use fake content
    *CPA network account(Free)
    *A content locker(Content lock Pro V2, Ulock.it) FREE(ulock.it is)
    *(optional)CPA Blaster or a way to get embed codes for TV shows. You can skip this if you want to offer fake videos(Free)
    *Addthis account(Free) just add the code they give you to wordpress helps out with social signals
    *GSA SER/SenukeX/UD or any other social bookmarking or backlinking software!

    1) Install Wordpress(Any free theme works really) on your website. Change permalinks to post name in admin panel first

    2) Go to http://www.imdb.com/search/title?title_type=tv_series and pick a TV show

    3) Get the list of episodes for the TV show you want to promote(Txt file with episodes format included all you have to do is add the name of the TV show and search in Google keyword tool)

    4) Put these into Google Keyword tool or any keyword tool to find the searches. Remove anything with less than 500
    total local searches.

    5) This step is optional. Find the embed codes for the videos using CPA blaster and post them to your blog. Make sure
    the name of the episode is IN the URL,title and meta tag descriptions! Lock this page with the content locker you want
    and choose CPA offers that are email or zip submits. Don't do anything that will force the user to pay. You can choose
    to tell the users to only enter their email and not do the rest but your CPA network will most likely ban you if they
    find out you are giving shitty leads.

    6) This is the step where we do the promotion for the episode(s) we chose to promote. We will be doing this with SEO software or manually depending on your preference. I personally used GSA SER for this step. Take the name of the episode into GSA or any other backlink tool and make sure it is your anchor text. I would vary this so 50% if exact match 25% longer tail with the keyword(Watch prison break season 1 episode 3 putlocker for example) and 25% naked URLS. In GSA choose social bookmarking, blog comment(kind of meh), article, social network. We want links we do not need tons of content for. The idea of this step is to really just get backlinks to your blog post. As the keywords are low competition you will not need tons of links! After the links are submitted you can index with linklicious.me(free) Scrapebox AA blog comments if you have scrapebox. If you want to be more advanced you can do mini tiered links for this. This step is really up to you and how you want to promote it, there are tonnes of link building tutorials out there.

    7) Repeat the process with each episode for each television you want to repeat promote. So if you just setup a campaign
    for Watch Prison Break Season 1 Episode 1 then the next would be Watch Prison Break Season 1 Episode 2 and so on assuming it has 500 local searches

    This method is meant to get you easy rankings since the traffic is coming from keyword people search for but there is not much competition. You can optimize
    conversions and make more money by telling your visitors something like "This survey helps us keep this website running you only have to enter your email
    and you can watch your video 100% free." I'd recommend doing this method with real videos but be careful not to get sued(DMCA offshore hosting! Leave no traces.)
    You can also look for other methods to monetize like a Pay Per install network since you have less of a chance of being banned

    ***TO BE SUCCESSFUL YOU NEED TO WORK ON GETTING YOUR LINKS INDEXED AND CHOOSING THE RIGHT EPISODES TO PROMOTE***** This means Submitting RSS Feeds, Scrapebox AA comments, Scrapebox Rapid Indexer and other methods. You can use a service like http://socialadr.com/ to promote the blog posts if you have the time.

    Look at the allintitle, allinanchor and allinurl + "my keyword" in Google to check out the competition. There is no set method for this.

    The better you are at SEO and the quicker you can rank you shit the more money you will make. This is not the most noob friendly method but I would be glad to help anyone in this thread. I will start a journey soon and document my earnings with this method for you guys to see. Good luck earning

    Seasons list: http://pastebin.com/byLMFCiC Merge with TV show name and enter into any Keyword tool to check competition and searches
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  2. Ztak07

    Ztak07 Regular Member

    Jun 23, 2012
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