how to rank 1 at google for "S*X" keyword with BH techniq


Dec 13, 2008
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hello,how i can get number 1 at google for s*x keyword with blackhat technique for my google country?
is there anyone in here know about this?

Through lots and lots of hard work. If there is one niche that's in the highest demand to dominate it has to be that one.

Explore this site, read, learn, look at sites that are listed in the top for that keyword and take them a apart and learn from them.
this is easy, just send me 1million in small bills and I will do it for you tomorrow.
I think you should set your standards a little lower personally. You should definitely learn how to rank for long tail keywords before attempting something like this. Im actually wondering to myself right now if you are just screwing around..... You would have to be, right?
freqout : are u serrious about this? its for how long? im get banned from google?

drkenneth + brchcar1445: thx boss,yes u r right
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