How to Question CPA cloaking:(click link->cpa->file)

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    Just a quick question guys, since I just moved out from sharecash and m new with CPA. I don't actually know how to technically use it? I mean like sharecash (click link --> survey --> download file) ?? Somewhat locking the content but not the entire site, just upon clicking the DL link?

    i've gone through terms like iframe,cpa redirector, cpa framer, cakeslice etc.. and now im lost. Can anybody share some light please? even just the specific term on what i`m looking for? I would really appreciate it..

    I'm sure CLPro has this but cant afford it just yet...

    Damn, this noob question is embarrassing.
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    Don't be embarrassed, it's a normal question.
    A very simple way to do it is to have a link on a post of your blog that leads to another post with the actual download link of the file there and that the second post is locked with a gateway.
    The gateway can be from the cpa network or your own.
    You can still use a sharecash link for the file download like that and still be locking the page with a content locker.
    There is a plugin - leadbolt unlocker, that allows you to put the locker code on any page of your WP site. You can put not only a leadbolt locker code there, works with cpabeyond's code too and I'm guessing it will work with other similar codes.
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    try Easy WordPress Content Locker , i'm sure this is the plugin that you searching for.
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