How to put your Local Business in 7 pack Listing

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by mau1127, Sep 14, 2011.

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    Any Insight and Idea how to optimized local business and to put it in 7 pack listing of google search guys?
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    The 7-pack listings depend a lot on the search term, as well as the location your prospective visitor is googling from.

    For instance I work local SEO with law firms and found that while some state abbreviations used in keyword searches (say NY or NJ) bring up the 7-pack, some others do not (PA in some cases).

    A lot of it is pretty much location - oftentimes the "A" listing is the closest and most relevant result.

    As far as improving your chances of getting higher in the 7-back make sure you have a complete and verified profile and that the website you are linking to from your google profile has a strong backlink profile as well - that is definitely taken into account when populating those listings.

    Adding video, pictures, reviews, etc. also increases your chances of getting into the 7-pack, but unless your site is ranking well (say top 10-15) and close to the searcher it will be hard to get "7-packed"