how to push client to convert?

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    someone asked me for a quote for a job. I emailed her a quote. she replied back that this was for a client and she needs to ask her and get back to me.
    2 days later, she emailed back that she was ready to proceed. She said I have credit card info ready, let me know what i need to do.
    because the amount was large by my standards, I didnt really want to take credit card, for 2 reasons: fees would be too much, and I dont like chargebacks.

    so I replied back "if payment is by credit card, I will have to send you a 3 page agreement, which your client will have to sign" I also said "I will need pictures of the front and back of the credit card." The reason I said all this is to make it too hard for her to use a credit card, to pursue her to send a check.
    Then at the end of the email I said "we also accept checks and money orders."

    She emailed back "I will talk to my client and get back to you"
    This was last thursday and I still haven't heard back.

    how can I push her to convert ASAP? should I email and say "this price is good for a limited time, it will increase soon" or is that too obvious?
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    Who on earth will give you screens of their credit card?

    Anyway, this client is lost, so dont make the same mistake twice. If someone wants to pay you, then take the god damn money. If you care about fees you have to change your way of doing business.

    Again this one is lost. Move on.
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    agreed big style build in fee cost to your quotes
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    The client was already converted and waiting to pay - in that situation you should have taken the payment ASAP. Even if there were fees to pay, you said it was a large deal so surely the fees weren't a deal killer.

    WPRipper is right - put it down to experience and take it as a lesson learned.

    And gear yourself up for accepting multiple payment formats so you are ready for next time.