how to protect myself in seo contract?

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    so I have been posting about this lawyer website that I have for rent.
    I have found a lawyer who is interested in renting it for a month and seeing if it works for him. I am offering it for $300/month, which should be nothing for a law firm, I mean I know law firms that spend $300 on a lunch.
    this guy is already showing signs of being trouble, for example, he was arguing to bring it down to $250. and he asked me to go to his office to discuss this more, when there is nothing more to discuss. I feel he is the type who will ask for a refund if it doesn't work for him.
    so how can I protect myself by a contract? what points should I cover?
    I have thought of:
    I make no claims regarding the suitability of the site for his purpose
    I make no claims regarding the number of monthly visitors
    I make no claims regarding how many leads he will get
    This is a form of advertising and as any other form of advertising, it has risks. He may or may not get additional clients.
    I do not guarantee that the site will keep its current rankings.
    I will not allow access to the back end of the site. Any changes have to be requested, and I will make them as I see fit.

    I am just trying to cover my ass here in case anything goes wrong, anything else you can think of?
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    Indeed, you can explain to him the difference between white hat and black hat, high risk and fast results or low risk and slow results.. at the end of the day, you also have provide some kind of guarantee that his traffic will improve (you believe in your SEO skills right?) but you can't give any hard numbers. Check out this thread I started yesterday, it might help a bit also for some other important points:
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    Trying to outwit a lawyer when it comes to contracts could be an uphill struggle mate. Sounds like he could potentially be difficult, but then you don't have much to loose.

    I think it's worth you go to another law firm and get a professional contract drawn up, if this is an avenue which you will pursue.