How To Promote Webinar ?? Help !! Ready to invest

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    HI to all the Marketing Tycoons on the Black hat world. I am Promoting Two Business of two Clients one is from UK and other is from US. Both sell a product which can be sold very well through Webinars. The Target Market is a class of people who will easily spend 500-2K$ to learn techniques which are taught by my clients. So why this thread?

    I need More people to Promote Webinar
        I need People With Big lists who can contact there customers about this webinar
        I need People Who are already making money from webinars
        I need People who are good in video editing and video broadcasting

    This is serious Business and we are looking to invest Following Amounts for listed purposes

    Webinar Creation - 3000$
    Webinar Promotion - 20000$

    Please tell me how do i start ?