How to promote (monetize) clickbank products?

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    Hey, i read through the clickbank subforum and i like it very much. I'm a clickbank affiliate since one year and today i make around 700$ a month. I get 1 conversion from 100-150 Hops. I'm good at generating targeted SEO traffic now, but i suck at monetizing it compared to many others here. 1$/visitor would be a dream for me. Is that possible and what method should i use to reach this goal?

    This is what i am doing now:

    Write an article about "how to lose weight fast" (for example). Get it to the top of the search engines. When it is in the top 10, i insert 3 affiliate links for one clickbank product. The first link is an image and it looks like a video. It is on the top of my page above the article. When they click on it they get redirected to the clickbank sales video. Most people click on that. (Good CTR) The second link is in the middle of the text and the third link is at the end of the text. I don't review the product, i only say something like: "If you want to know how to lose weight fast, watch this video"

    I generate sales through all 3 links. So they work. But i need more money...At the right side i have an optin-form, but less then 1% optin into that list.

    So i'm curious how do you monetize your blog with clickbank? With 2% conversion i finally could make a living from internet marketing.
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