How to promote clickbank?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by mrichards1984, Mar 23, 2008.

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    Is there any easy and quickway around to promote clickbank products? :confused:
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    Mar 25, 2008
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    Try finding a affiliate program with better products,

    I HATE clickbank, as almost everything on there is garbageeee.
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    yeh i dont like cb to much. i use to promtoe alot of their stuff cple yrs back but now i hardly ever do it. just got the sites up still neglected but hey they still make cple sales now n then,

    totally agree about almost everything on there is garbage. same as warriorforum. man that place gets on my nerves
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    Deleting crappy threads on BHW, making good use of
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    it's hard for me to sell anything from clickbank because, hell i would never buy any of the crap that's on their network....

    but then there *are* folks out there that can't differentiate between piss and perfume and are buying the shit on cb....

    i guess the trick is to find those people and market to them

    if you try to market to folks like us, you'll be shit out of luck...but market a digital cookbook to sombody's aunt ethel and you might make a buck or two.

    sounds logical
  6. Clutterbuck

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    Feb 1, 2008
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    Oxford UK
    What networks would you say sells better stuff???
  7. gifmore

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    There's always worry that you might end up promoting some Sh*t product and burn your reputation (if you have one) with your exisiting customers or in the industry. Best to do your due diligence and "investigate" the product a lil first, perhaps.

    Some possible ways to find the "better" Clickbank products might be to:

    1) Look at the website and salesletter - If the sales copy is at least half decent and somewhat compelling then that's a good start. Some marketers suggest that if you know that the product is not too bad, but the sales copy sucks, then perhaps you can write (or get someone to write) a newer and better version of a salesletter and use this on your own website to sell this product.

    2) Try and see if there are some resources (such as banner ads, email follow up msgs, ezine ads, classified ads) provided to affiliates to make it easier for you to do your affiliate marketing

    3) Try and request a review copy of the product....or...well, if you are here, you might discover ways to "view" a copy of the product. Generally if the product is pretty decent, then it might be worth you promoting it.

    Promoting a clickbank product:

    1) Typical affiliate marketing, which involves either having a content website, or just a simple review page of 3 to 5 products that would appeal to a niche, or having a hybrid website/webpage involving the first 2 but including some other related affiliate offers and a squeeze page too. Send traffic (e.g. by ppc or article marketing or using blogs, forums etc) to this page and you could make some sales and build a list.

    2) Write a 3 to 5 page report that provides useful information on the niche but include your affiliate link for the clickbank product inside the report. Give this report away (e.g. in forums, or use ppc, or use scribd)

    3) There are some scripts out there that allow you to build a clickbank mall filled with clickbank products. You could incorporate that into your exisiting website if you have a theme (e.g. anti spyware website). Another script I learned about allows you to do up little classifed ad looking 3 liner ads and you can place these on your website (the ads look like contextual ads such as Google adword ads) on content pages that have material related to what you are selling.

    Can't guarantee you'll make 100 bucks or even 1 buck for that matter, but juz some ideas to brainstorm and add your own creativity to.

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    Apr 4, 2008
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    The easiest way to promote clickbank products is PPC.

    You can even use software that is on the market that will show you what are the top performing clickbank products with PPC, and allow you completely clone what the top affiliates are doing. It's an effortless system if you have the time.