How to Promote an Affiliate Program for My Product?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by plasmaflux, May 25, 2010.

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    Hello BHW,

    I'm hoping someone here with more expertise than I might be able to help.

    I was recently hired as #2 on a 2-Person development team. The guy I work with/for had too much on his plate, so he brought me on we have two plates overflowing.

    The product that's currently paying the bills has been around for a year now. It's a Premium Wordpress Theme. Since I came on board, we've made major improvements to the product itself, made many changes to the website to improve conversion rates, and are now examining the remaining Weakest Link -- our affiliate program. We've done all we can as a two-person team. Now we need an armada of a couple few thousand affiliates to promote the heck out of this thing and get their 40% cut.

    While we do have 400 affiliates, affiliate-generated sales and traffic have lately been dropping off rather than increasing; and of those 400, very very few are actually actively promoting the product.

    We've explored the possibility of partnering with an affiliate network of some sorts, but our preference would be to keep it all in-house.

    So the question is this - how can I take an awesome affiliate program for an awesome product and get potential affiliates excited, active, and on board with us? I'm not talking about small fish or chump change here. We have a couple affiliates that make $500-$1000+ steady every single month.

    Any ideas greatly appreciated,

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    I'd suggest an increase the initial payout to 60% and future purchases (rev.share) to be 20%. That should get people going, getting you sales.

    You should try affiliate networks for more traffic. The question is, is the promotional material attractive enough and also....Arent templates for webmasters of blogs and other bull they want to update the world about? What are you selling this template for?
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