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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by midevil5555, Feb 21, 2008.

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    I was wondering if you ppl could give me some suggestions to kelp me sell my do i go about promoting it? Adsense? Adbrite? What is the "secret" ?

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    Jan 6, 2008
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    The real secret to promoting your ebook is not by actually promoting it, but by getting other people to promote it. You have to find JV partners and affiliates that will do the promoting for you. Yes they will take a share of the profit, but in the end, you will have made much more money by partnering up and getting other ppl to do the sales for you then if you would have tried to market the whole business by yourself and not payed out commissions.
    To do this, however, you have to be trying to sell a good product, something other affiliates and JV partners would see potential in. You have to offer something that is unique or something thats better in some way then all the countless amount of other products out there.

    Hope that cleared things up for you.
  3. jayzee

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    Feb 2, 2008
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    how do you exactly find those people to promote the product for you??
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    Behind You!
    Get review on big or meduim traffic blogs and could generate some sales.
    Make sure the blog is related some what to what you are selling.

  5. Black Hat Seo

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    How good is it? Seriously, if it's any good you have a lot of options, if it's a rehashed piece of shit like most books loaded with affiliate links you hope people will click it will be a tough sell.

    I get a few JV offers a day, I'm listed on all the JV broker sites which is the answer to your question jayzee.

    Most that come through my email are shit so I don't even dignify them with a response, but on the rare occasions where someone has a good product, I'll promote the hell out of it, or if it's really good I'll try and negotiate a deal with the writer to help him market it for a 50% split of ALL profits. Then I'll get my jv buddies involved in recruit more affiliates.

    You can list on clickbank, and/or paydotcom if you have a sales page that will convert. If you don't have a good sales page....get one.

    You're going to need to send a free copy to anyone you want to JV with. Like I said, if it's good, your golden because everyone wants to promote a guide if they know their lists won't be bitching at them for the recommendation.

    Furthermore, besides the JV broker sites, most of the bigger names in internet marketing right now are very accessible, just go to their main sites and contact them with your jv request and make sure to include a copy of your ebook because if you don't they won't bother asking you for one and just completely ignore you.

    Also write a detailed email, but not a book. I get a lot of this "Interested in jving with you on my new product, I'm willing to offer 40% commission" and that's the whole email.

    Needless to say I completely ignore them. Three to five sentences with info about the book, why it is different, the guarantee if you offer one, and that you are willing to negotiate a large commission if they are interested is perfect.

    If the book is good, and has the chance to make you serious backend revenues such as affiliate links in the book, or the fact that you will now have a large list of new customers to mail offers to including your future products, strongly consider offering 90% to 100% commission.

    Sounds crazy to some people but I actually offered 110% commission on a launch I did. I knew the product was good, I knew I would make some good money on all the affiliate links connected with it, and more importantly I knew I could make a small fortune over the next six months sending mailings to them and following up with things like a private coaching program which would be large ticket.

    When you get an email offering 90% to 100% commission, you read it.

    Last, from what I can see by the quality of the posts here, there are a bunch of top affiliates here at BHW, see if you can get a few of them to help promote you.

    Not only are they great affiliates, but unlike the regular affiliates, they know black hat stuff to really promote the hell out of your book.

    Hope that helps.
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    jv-network*com is a popular one. there are IM ppl in there waiting to get their hands on a free product and promote it for a profit.
  7. ChanzGrande

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    Northern Woods Counting Money
    Are you guys sure? Isn't every ebook free these days. There's like 250,000 JV giveaways.
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    Set up a squeeze page, offer a free report if people opt-in, and build a list. One your shit starts selling, affiliates will come to you.

    Look at similar products in clickbank and see what they are doing to promote their product. Do what they are doing, but better. Find forums in the niche, and make some posts before mentioning the product, and then 'refer' people to it as if it isn't your product