How to prevent writer to know your keyword?


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Feb 24, 2011
As the title say, How to prevent writer to know your keyword?
It is because some keyword may be low competition. If the article writer know your keyword, they will use your keyword
all guy how to prevent this situation?

make him sign a legally binding contract. or alternatively dont get so paranoid because if hes a writer his specialities are less likely to be in seo and prehaps consider that not everyone is dishonest.
They get so many orders, I doubt they bother checking competition for each KW they receive.
I really wouldn't worry about this.

1.) It's unlikely to happen anyway

2.) Is an extra piece of content out there on the internet targeting your keywords that much to really worry about?
You might replace your keywords by synonyms and when the writer has finished your article you just need to include your real keywords.
Get him to write twenty articles then get your henchmen to put him to sea with some concrete shoes.

Thats what we all do, writers are expendable.
For every article have another person create a clause in which they can not use the keywords for their own personal gain that you have them writing about...

That is the only way which will come out pretty pricey unless you are making a good bit of moola with your site.

I personally would write my own articles, put your mind to it and its fast and easy.
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