How to post videos on youtube..?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by rhnkmr, Mar 30, 2013.

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    I am new to VM don't know more about it. How to post videos on youtube like if I want to post videos health reviews than where to get the videos just download them from youtube or upload as well or record my own what to do. I am so confused because I have tried all these things

    1- Download a video from youtube spinned it. After that delete cookies and history just use private proxy and upload the video. One account one video, after 2 days video got deleted.

    2- I have recorded the video from youtube and that the same thing clean browser and used private proxy and upload,again the same thing video get deleted.

    3- One time I have download the video and just uploaded the same before one month and i have not done any blackhat on this video like fake comments and views, just started seo on it and do it for a month. Now my video is ranking on 1st no in youtube form my keyword and on the 3rd no in google for the keyword.

    4- I am confused a lot that I have tried many method but when I used a lot of things like download and then spin buy a huge amount of likes, bought some comments as well and have done seo some got deleted and some are not ranking anywhere.

    Can anyone tell me the best way to post videos like from where to get the videos and what is the best way of ranking them.
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    The best place to get your videos is FROM YOUR COMPUTER. Register a account in Animoto and make some videos yourselves.
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    I've ever used this. It is really effective. Creating video on Animoto is simple and easily. There are many template that you can choose to create for your self, then you can download and upload on youtube if you like publishing. Good luck!